Classroom Repairs Being Made At Paget Primary

October 3, 2018

A classroom air purifier at the Paget Primary Autism Spectrum Disorder “was giving off an offensive smell” so the class has been relocated to another room, and air quality tests will be conducted and the Facilities Team will start repairs.

This is according to Commissioner of Education Kalmar Richards, who said, “The Department of Education is committed to providing safe school environments, including all school buildings.

“As mentioned at the start of the school year, our Facilities Team works throughout the year to maintain and carry-out necessary repairs to all school buildings, including classrooms.

“Currently at Paget Primary, the Facilities Team is addressing repairs to the Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD] classroom. The team will be removing cupboards, fixing lights and carrying out general cleaning of the room and fixtures.

“Prior to a pre-scheduled school inspection, it was noted that the ASD classroom air purifier was giving off an offensive smell and as a precaution, staff asked to be temporarily relocated to another room until air quality tests were conducted. The class has been relocated to another room within the school.

“Air quality tests will be conducted and the Facilities Team will start repairs within the next few days.

“Recommendations were made to remove cupboards, address light fixtures and for general cleaning of the ASD room and fixtures.

“Prior to the start of the school year, no work was required in the ASD classroom and the minor work that is to be carried out now came about as a result of a pre-scheduled inspection carried out on September 28, 2018.

“The Department of Education wants to reassure staff, students and parents of our commitment to providing safe school environments.”

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  1. question says:

    August 22, 2018:
    Minister Rabain said, “Having our school buildings upgraded and ready for the return of students and school staff is a priority for our Government.”
    “All of the schools will be ready for students on the 10th September and will be safe to occupy,” said Minister of Public Works Lt. Col. David Burch.
    “During the summer months, Government workers in the Ministries of Education and Workforce Development and Public Works carried out scheduled maintenance ….the main purpose of this annual maintenance program is to carry out repairs that will ensure safe and healthy environments for our students. All schools have been inspected by the team.”

    So they went to great expense to do a lot of ‘work’, but failed to make sure that the most vulnerable students are safe in the classroom.

  2. Mark says:

    Will take twice as long to finish once Government chases away the competent non-English speaking construction workers.

  3. Picked Tink says:

    What time is the March? Or do the children not matter anymore since the PLP are in power?

    The air “purifier” was giving off an offensive smell? Is there something we need to know about the air in Paget? Why do they require an air purifier? I can understand it in dry climates during the spring because of allergies. But with our high humidity, and considering that it is summer/fall why is this even a thing?

    What does he mean by offensive smell? Is it a burning smell, BO, dead animal, mold/ mildew?

  4. aceboy says:

    Sounds like nobody has bothered to change the filters in that purifier. I am willing to bet they have never been changed.

    Can’t be a mold problem, the PLP are in power. Mold doesn’t grow when the PLP are in power. Minister Burch won’t allow it.