Photos: MTM Red Ball Tennis Championships

October 30, 2018

Manders Tennis Management hosted a Red Ball Championships at the Fairmont Southampton Tennis Club over the weekend, with 40 children from all over the island partaking in the activities.

The tournament was all red ball, which is a slower ball, used on smaller courts to allow the children to be more successful and have fun while learning the life lessons that tennis can teach.

Tournament director Gavin Manders said, “It was a beautiful day for the Bermuda tennis community, and the fun and laughter filled up the facility. We had around 150 people come out to support the event on Sunday, and the day truly is a reflection of what MTM represents. We had children from all over the island, there learning how to win and lose together in a fun educational environment.”

MTM Academy director Jovan Jordan-Whitter said, “It was great to see some of the Bermuda’s young talent on display in a competitive but fun format. We were lucky enough to receive players for the majority of tennis facilities around the island.

“It’s important for us to get our future athletes in the sort of environment where they have to work through their emotions to complete a task and where they have to problem solve while dealing with trying to win. It helps to build character on court and in life at an early age as well as fostering leadership qualities.”

“The goal of the event was to give children an opportunity to learn how to win and lose in a fun, and educational environment, while helping them learn the basics of scoring and match play. There was also a 6U division, which gave the younger children the opportunity to be a part of the event, and start the process for their tennis development,” the organisers explained.

“They received points for making contact with the ball, and hitting it over the net, and points were tallied up for their overall score. We had 12 children in the 6U division, who had an absolute blast being apart it. MTM will continue to strive to do its part to grow the sport of tennis in Bermuda, and we will continue to use our passion for the sport, to help grow Bermuda’s next generation of tennis players.

“Some of the players understanding of the game at such a young age was quite impressive. There were quite a few children who just want to hit the ball really hard without actually understanding that there is an appropriate time and effective way to do it, but a lot of these kids clearly understood the importance of consistency and control which is a testament to the local coaches that are teaching them.

“The winners in the 10U boys divisions were Ethan Anderson, Tobiah Goodschild, Cyre Trott, and Xavier Da Ponte. The runner ups were Max Kimberley, Zacchaeus Grant, Dimitri Gantcharov, and David Sainsbury.

“The winner in the girls 10U division was Avani Patton and the runner up was Zipphorah Grant. The winner in the 8U divisions were Tristan Petit, and Kal-El Smith. The runner-ups were Jude Lefebrve, and Oliver Chow.

“The winner of the U8 girls division was Sienna Outtrim and the runner-up was Cora Desilva. The winner of the 6U was Ollie Anderson and the runner up was Cayden Lee.”

MTM Red Ball Championships Bermuda Oct 30 2018 (1)

MTM Red Ball Championships Bermuda Oct 30 2018 (2)

MTM Red Ball Championships Bermuda Oct 30 2018 (3)

MTM Red Ball Championships Bermuda Oct 30 2018 (4)

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MTM Red Ball Championships Bermuda Oct 30 2018 (6)

MTM Red Ball Championships Bermuda Oct 30 2018 (7)

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  1. Mom says:

    Congrats Cyre’!! Well done for playing in your first U10 tournament.