‘Unprecedented Short-Term Influx Of Visitors’

October 29, 2018

This week Bermuda will be “bustling with activity,” the Transport Ministry said, as the ”six visiting cruise ships from 30 October – 2 November, and the added number of air arrivals, has resulted in an unprecedented short-term influx of visitors.”

The Ministry said they “will work to maintain the island’s regularly scheduled transportation service during this time.

“In that regard, the Ministry takes this opportunity to strongly encourage the public to plan ahead for their personal transport requirements to avoid delays. The Ministry also specifically seeks and encourages the public’s patience during this time.”

Transport Minister Walter Roban notes that this week, Hamilton and St. George’s will each host one ship, while one ship will anchor in Grassy Bay and another three cruise ships will berth in Dockyard.

Minister Roban said, “This week, we are preparing to receive six cruise ship calls. This is an exciting and unprecedented time for Bermuda. In fact, on one day alone, this represents the largest number of cruise ship passengers in Bermuda’s tourism history.”

On October 31, Bermuda is projecting to host 9,341 cruise ship passengers until 4pm, and 8,048 passengers from 4:30pm through November 1, the Ministry said.

Ships expected in Bermuda are: Oct 30-31 – Carnival Conquest, Oct 30-31 – Hamburg, Oct 31 – AIDAluna, Oct 31-Nov 01 – Disney Magic, Oct 31-Nov 01 – Azamara Journey, and Oct 31-Nov 02 – Norwegian Escape.

“In 2018 our cruise ship season started in March and will end in December. I wish to commend the Bermuda Tourism Authority, who have worked diligently to extend the seasonality of the cruise ship season, which traditionally has been between April and September.”

Minister Roban confirmed that industry partners “have been planning for the influx of visitors since March of this year, and have increased various support services to ensure that our visitors have the best possible experience while in Bermuda.”

“As an example, all Public Service Vehicles [such as taxis and mini-buses] will be in service to meet the transport demands; select community service vehicles and licensed hotel properties have been granted permission to operate their shuttles; increased public ferry lift has been added, including a supplemental ferry route to St. George and Hamilton from Dockyard; the BTA has increased their Visitor Service Centre team and Ambassadors; and, special events have been scheduled in Dockyard,” the Ministry said.

Minister Roban concluded, “We expect this will be a very busy time for our Island. This influx of visitors is good for Dockyard, Hamilton and St. George’s; it’s good for our economy and it’s good for Bermuda. And we are encouraging all residents to support our efforts as we welcome these visitors to our shores.”

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Comments (17)

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  1. Trump supporter says:

    Our excellent bus service should make them want to run back.
    Get rid of the minister, ruining the few tourist we get chances of wanting to come back.

  2. Your joking says:

    How about you ministers finally earn your money…take all those GP cars and when all tge taxis and buses are full….you overpaid gentlemen…and few ladies(very few)….offer to drive tourists to their desired location.

  3. sandgrownan says:

    Good job we have such a reliable taxi service….oh wait…

  4. Stranded local says:

    Yeah while this is good for Bermuda, lets hope we can provide enough transportation for our tourist. With the new ferry schedule effective today with the last ferry leaving Hamilton at 4:30pm to Dockyard is just total Bu^&%t…I am a local who uses the ferry to get to and from work everyday. I catch the 7:30am ferry from Dockyard, I knock off after 5pm with no ferry to take me back to collect my car. Let’s not mention with all these visitors in the island the St. Georges ferry is done until April 2019…so tell me this, what do all the Marine and Ports workers do with all their spare time now that the schedule is so spaced out?. Meaning, ferries run every 1 1/2 hours now, and previously mentioned the St. George’s ferry is done.

  5. WSP says:

    Hey Walt what happened last weekend when you dropped the ball,lets have some consistency with the transport.

  6. question says:

    We have about one bus and one taxi per cruise ship. Great.

  7. UpsetVoter says:

    The Minister hasn’t met with any transport providers, not taxi’s, mini-buses, limousines, or boats.

    He acts like the only transport is Public buses for everyone! Shame on him! He is not transparent or honest!

    If he allowed TCD to give out more permits to such transport providers, we won’t be in this situation.

    He doesn’t care about business owners! Only cares about the Public buses and keeping drivers employed that don’t have buses to drive!

    Those of us that have to go through TCD for permits to run our businesses, can’t because he does not allow it!

  8. sandgrownan says:

    We want Uber.

  9. Mark says:

    Thank you BTA – watch the PLOP trolls try to take credit.

  10. Stinky D. says:

    The public buses are for the people of Bermuda first and the tourist second
    Allow more minibuses so they can carry the tourist

  11. Tom says:

    Thanks you OBA

  12. Vida Smith says:

    Was this a miss print,there will not be three ships in Dockyard at once,the Carnival Conquest departs Oct.31st at 1600,then
    Norwegian Escape arrives at 1630,there is no way Dockyard can
    hold three ships at the same time.

    • Bertastic says:

      Aida Luna passengers being ferried to dockyard and Disney magic at kings. Did you even read the cruise ship schedule?

  13. Vida Smith says:

    there will not be three ships in Dockyard at the same time.

    The Carnival Conquest departs Oct.31st at 16.00,and the

    Norwegian Escape arrives at 16.30,there is no way Dockyard

    can hold three ships at once.