Traffic Advisory: Collision In Hamilton Parish

November 15, 2018

[Updated] Police are advising motorists to avoid the Crawl Hill, Hamilton parish area due to an overturned car.

At around 5.00pm today, a police spokesperson said, “A car has overturned in the Crawl Hill, Hamilton parish area.

“Police and Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service personnel are on scene. Initial information suggests no serious injuries but motorists are advised to avoid the area if possible, as traffic delays are already occurring. Update to follow.”

Update 6.33pm: A police spokesperson said, “Traffic flow has since returned to normal in the Crawl Hill, Hamilton parish area following the crash, which occurred around 4:40pm.

“Injuries to the male driver involved are not believed to be serious and inquiries continue.

“Any witnesses are asked to call 295-0011.”

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  1. PANGAEA says:

    People dream up excuses for virtualy every thing that does not go their way or try to shift the blame on to others which make me wonder which of 100 reasons that can be atributed to this one,you know we have to blame someone other than self.

    Owners and drivers of all vehicles need to accept greater responsibility for their vehicles, them selves and other road users, this recent ” role over” incident has inconvienenced and affected the lives of many, and for what !.

    Can we put this down to and label it asincompetance ; stupidity ; irresponsibly, Where does that get you ? Answer is, no where ! . Was it bad luck ? may be ! we are back to excuses again.

    It is not for me to determin the cause of the “Crawl hill” event however, I am aware of the common causes and one of them could be vehicle TIRE PRESSURE including tire quality which affects vehicle performance, through over inflation, or under inflation, both are equaly dangerous and can lead to disaster.
    How many know their vehicle correct tire inflation P.S.I. ? the numbers are located on a sticker inside the drivers door “B” post.

    Tire pressure should be carefully checked weekly or at least every 10 days with out fail.

    Do police; Insurance companies; TCD check tire press . NO ?

    Fact :-You can not determin correct tire pressure by just looking at the tires, you need to physically check this.