Minister: ‘Addressed Backlog Of Work Permits’

December 21, 2018

The Government said that “another 2017 election promise has been fulfilled with a tangible improvement in the efficiency of the Immigration Department.”

The Minister of National Security Wayne Caines remarked, “In 2017, the people called for an approach to immigration that was tough on those who break our immigration laws, protected Bermudian employment opportunities and efficiently addressed the legitimate needs of our business community.

“I am pleased to report that we have addressed a significant backlog of work permit requests that were slowing opportunities for business to fill legitimate needs and by extension slowing their potential growth and the creation of opportunities for Bermudians.”

“I want to offer my sincere thanks to the Department of Immigration team. They have done an excellent job in eradicating the backlog of applications. I am most appreciative of their hard work and dedication.”

“The government’s approach, will help to protect opportunities for Bermudians while enhancing Bermuda’s reputation as an environment where business can flourish.”

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  1. Onion says:

    What a load of nonsense. Permits were fast and efficient before the election and then in by late 2017 things were a mess.

    The PLP might have made some progress fixing their own mess but this whole press release is just so dishonest.

  2. sandgrownan says:


  3. DeOnion says:

    shame it took 18 months and two ministers ….

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    Is that Minister Caines congratulating himself for cleaning up after Minister Brown?

  5. dunn juice says:

    More hot air.

  6. dondererd says:

    You cannot make this up – he’s congratulated himself for doing his job and clearing up another person’s mess. is this really what this Government is about?

  7. Bermudian Rights says:

    Why are they issuing so many work permits? I thought PLP was for Bermudians. If they stopped issuing work permits there would be no problem and us Bermudians would be able to get jobs.

  8. Ummm says:

    Yeah, thanks for doing your jobs smh

  9. Not Exactly says:

    Brown messes up immigration. IB tells Burt to remove Brown. Burt puts in Caines who has to catch up by rubber stamping hundreds of work permits.

    Caines gets called out for rubber stamping by OBA. BIU gets mad and Chris Furbert rants on radio and goes in on PLP for not considering Bermudians (obviously no consideration was had when that many work permits were rubber stamped).

    Caines goes on PR splurge to try and distract from fact that he rubber stamped hundreds of work permits. Example 1: let’s remind people about the immigration complaints hotline. Example 2: this article’s press release talking about fulfilling campaign promises.

    • aceboy says:

      And then they send Brown on a pricey junket to say “thanks”.

  10. question says:

    Oh FFS. They got it in a mess because Walton appeared to deliberately stand in the way of permits being issued. Then when the civil servants actually start do what they’re paid to do, they want to pat themselves on the back and ‘take credit’.

    Usual PLP BS.

  11. dick francis says:

    Did anyone think before pressing the send button on this press release as, frankly, it makes Caines and Co look, well, silly.

  12. Jus' Askin' says:

    Tax all Guest Workers :-)

  13. red rose says:

    Alternative headline: ‘Minister does job, shock’

  14. eyes wide open says:

    he actually found time between titty milk slurping to do nothing

  15. Caines:
    How many,who are currently on work permits, are NOW slotted to depart our island. There should NEVER be a surplus/overflow of this , as it directly affects Bermudian lives.
    Keep us informed of this.
    Too many foreigners IS NOT ACCEPTABLE in this small country.
    Trump, the Fromp, wants specific immigrants NOT ALLOWED into HIS country.
    We Bermudians must be our own watchdog and demand the same. Fairness to prevail!!

  16. Up D Hill says:

    There is certainly ZERO communication in the PLP Government. We are going backwards already!!

  17. LaV says:

    “Trump, the Fromp, wants specific immigrants NOT ALLOWED into HIS country.
    We Bermudians must be our own watchdog and demand the same.”

    Hear that TittyMilk Caines? You’re being instructed to be more like Trump!