Netball: Digicel Junior & Merle Parfitt Tournament

December 9, 2018

The Digicel Junior Leagues and the Merle Parfitt Netball Tournament got underway with matches played this weekend

Digicel Under 12 Division

Phoenix Sparks 13 North Village Lady Rams White 13

The opening goal in this League match saw the Phoenix Sparks and the North Village Lady Rams White end 13 – 13. The Phoenix Sparks got 5 goals from Jahniya Francis and Khylie Smith 5, while Skye Charles scored twice and Sanaa Grant scored once, Uni Simmons was named the MVP. The North Village Lady Rams White got 8 goals from Kari Virgil, while Aniyah Swan scored a hat-trick and Arleigh Rodney scored twice, Jazayla Brimmer was named the teams MVP.

North Village Lady Rams Red 10 Storm 7

The North Village Lady Rams Red defeated the Storm 10 – 7, the North Village Lady Rams would get 6 goals from Sioma Rudo, while Jazya Brimmer-Peets added 4 goals, Jayla Peets was the teams MVP, the Storm got 4 goals from Nevaeh Barclay, while Malaysia Furbert, Jayunae Bailey and Eliyah Seon all added a goal each, with Amari Burgess named the teams MVP.

Digicel Under 16 League

Storm Lightning 43 Warriors 5

The Storm Lightning defeated the Warriors 43 – 5, the Storm Lightening were led to victory by Amaiah Butterfield who scored 34 goals, MVP Kemiyah Butterfield added 5 goals and Elishae Smith scored 4 times, Warriors MVP Kammie Mills scored 4 goals and Arianna Sabir scored once.

North Village Lady Rams Red 35 North Village Lady Rams White 12

The Red team won the battle of the North Village Lady Rams 35 – 12 over the White team. Rachelle Webster scored 18 goals for the North Village Lady Rams Red, while Coriah Simmons added 17 goals, the Red MVP was Diauri Richardson. North Village Lady Rams White got 6 goals each from Sanaa Berkeley and Gabrielle Romaine, while the White team MVP was Sarai Packwood.

Phoenix Fire 18 Storm Thunder 12

The Phoenix Fire defeated the Storm Thunder 18 – 12, Phoenix Fire MVP K’xiyae Gibbons led the team to victory with 11 goals, Salayah Stange added 6 goals and Nisaiah Berkeley scored once, while Amayah Burt and MVP Makaylie Smith both scored 6 goals each for the Storm Thunder.

Merle Parfitt Senior League Double Elimination Tournament

Unfortunately the final had to be rescheduled due to rain, however some action took place.

Double Elimination Results

  • North Village Lady Rams 7 Storm Lightning 10
  • Phoenix Heat 14 Robin Hood 3
  • Lindos Tigers 11 Storm Lightning 9
  • Storm Thunder 5 Phoenix Heat 9
  • Storm Lightning 11 Robin Hood 4
  • North Village Lady Rams 10 Storm Thunder 8
  • Phoenix Heat 9 Lindos Tigers 4
  • North Village Lady Rams 14 Storm Lightning 3
  • Lindos Tigers 12 North Village Lady Rams 8
  • Lindos Tigers 12 Phoenix Heat 11


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