All Star Netball Game To Feature Top Players

January 25, 2019

Netball will be the feature at Somersfield Academy on Friday during the 2019 Bermuda School Sports Federation All Star Netball night.

The Senior School match will get underway at 8:00pm and teams were split to create balanced teams and not on the usual East vs West format.

Twins from the BSSF Tournament winning Berkeley Institute team will square off against each other in the All-Star match. BNA Senior League second top scorer Nabiilah Nasir will lead the scoring options for the Red Team, and twin Kaamilah will line up for the Blue Team.

The Blue will have a lot of potential scoring as well with sharpshooters Selah Tuzo and Jade Johnston from Saltus and Nisaiah Berkeley from BHS looking to lead the Blue Team to victory. Defensive standouts for the Blue Team include Asrael Basden from CedarBridge Academy and G’Zai Dyer from Warwick Academy.

The Reds will rely on BHS’ Chrysda Smith, Kezziah Smith and Kaylee Lema from The Berkeley Institute will also be a major part of the Red coach’s plans.

Primary School – 6:00pm

East Team: 

Nevaeh Barclay, Sanaa Grant, Sherne McQueen- Northlands Primary School
Hailey Trott, Carleigh Rodney, Ja’Shay Trott- Harrington Sound Primary
Taya Rodrigues- Mount Saint Agnes Academy
Saajida Daniels- Victor Scott Primary
Katiah Rogers- Somersfield Academy
Mycah Maragh, Aniyah Gardiner- Prospect Primary

West Team:

Anisa Seon, Kylie Darrell – Somerset Primary
Kenya Robinson – West End Primary
Kimorah Thomas –Dalton E. Tucker Primary
C’A Ja, Zola – Paget Primary
Ashalay Simons – Warwick Academy
Saony Trott, Jayla Peets Butterfield, Sioma Rudo- West Pembroke Primary
Arima Turner, Ava Pedro, Rayna Abbott- Bermuda High School
Asha Dunleavy –Saltus Grammar School

Middle School Girls – 7:00pm

West Team

Amara Richards, Arianna Sabir, Anisa Seon – Sandys Secondary Middle School
Jessie DeBraga , Zahra Lathan, Malikah Tankard, Shayla Cann – Warwick Academy
Christina DeKock , Nahjae Rayner , Samai Dunn , Cheyenne Tavares – Bermuda High School
Sa’Ray Beach – T.N.Tatem Middle School
Ramiah Brangman – Saltus Grammar School

East Team 

Jahni Simmons, Rakshana Sureshkumar – Whitney Institute Middle School
Laylah Hunt, Isabella White – Somersfield Academy
Khylie Smith – Mount Saint Agnes Academy
Nijanae Pemberton, Deontae Scott – Clearwater Middle School
Sarai Butterfield, Azari Easton, Kisaye Bell, Kesay Bell, KXiyae Gibbons, Sa’Mya Lightbourne – Dellwood Middle School

Senior School – 8:00pm

Blue Team: 

Kanzi Emery, Asrael Basden – CedarBride Academy
Nisaiah Berkeley, Maya Crockwell, Mali Smith – Bermuda High School
Riley Jackson, Ahziah Hunt, G’Zai Dyer – Warwick Academy
Kaamilah Nasir, Tanzania Thomas – Berkeley Institute
Selah Tuzo, Jade Johnston – Saltus Grammar School

Red Team:

Nabiilah Nasir, Kessiah Jackson, Kaylee Lema – The Berkeley Institute
Koa Goodchild – Saltus Grammar School
Kiana Cann, Ryley Mason – Warwick Academy
Rhianna Higgins, Chrsyda Smith – Bermuda High School
Izeya Wainwright, Ja-Quala Tucker, Diauri Richardson, Zidonnae Robinson – CedarBridge Academy


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