Video: Bernews Post Budget Discussion

February 26, 2019

Bernews will be hosting a ‘Post-Budget Panel Discussion at around noon today [Feb 26] with economist Craig Simmons, Cordell Riley, and Cheryl Packwood set to discuss the 2019/20 budget, with the three experts set to discuss aspects of the budget which was delivered last Friday.

Post Budget Panel Discussion Bermuda Feb 25 2019

The trio will be discussing the budget with journalist Don Burgess, and we will update this article with the live video at around noon today. We would like to extend our thanks to ‘The House’, a co-working space in Hamilton, where the filming will be taking place!

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 1-hour and 8-minute replay is below

click here Bermuda 2019 budget

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    …all I can say is Brace Yourself Bermuda ;-) ;-)

  2. PANGAEA says:


    ” Soon we all will be eating rice.”

    Bermuda has had years to come up with viable solutions to enhance its failing economy ,so far we have yet to
    see something.

    Living one day at a time is not a solution, neither is sitting on your thumbs a solution either. Big mistake !

    Many people think that this country owes them a living. Big Mistake !

    Every one with power would like to see something , but unfortunately something did not happen with exception of AC which was a tremendouse sucess. The folow up was non existant, except criticism and un timely election.

    Bermuda missed the sailboats on that one , letting the oportunities slip through their fingers. Big Mistake !

    New Zealand saw those opertunities and took the cup with them while Bermudians openly condemed AC as a lost cause.

    The sooner this islsnd realized there is no monery tree in the back garden the better.

    Presiouse day after day slips by as people rely one other to do every thing for them nothing happenss, i am not going to clean you shoes. BIg mistake !

    Productivity went out the window when dependable experianced seniors were sent home at 65. Big mistake !

    Bermuda is short 6,000 people the are over 6,000 seniors sitting at home. Why ! Big mistake !

    What is the solution ?

    Before we can all move forward as Bermuda need to clean house we can not survive on a life style that has existed over the past 10 years or more. ” They can not see the wood for the trees”.

    Bermuda needs to manage its money because what is going on now is not working.

    “Soon we all will be eating rice”

  3. gustav says:

    Bermuda has no revenue issue.
    Bermuda has a costs problem.
    but it cant be solved , without hurting the PLP voters base.
    therefore nothing will be done , except increase taxes.
    imo the PLP is NOT working for Bermuda , they are just acting for themselves and drive Bermuda down the drain

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    Here are the choices the Bermuda government has.

    First, increase the tax base, that means job creation and bringing in workers from away so we can tax them as well as all the people already in Bermuda. Such a solution requires the support of job creators (businesses) as well as the wider public, including the Peoples Campaign.

    Second, continue to increase taxes on the population of Bermuda and hope that exempt companies and those those people with the most money do not leave. Ex pats can decide (or be told) to leave Bermuda at any moment, so the ability to tax them is fragile. Many well off Bermudians have second homes in the US or Canada or England or elsewhere. They can leave too if the cost of remaining here becomes too high. Who then would be left to generate income? Government can only pay what it collects in. Government does not generate money, it only consumes and redistributes money it collects in.