Video: Pastor Bean & Minister Weeks

April 25, 2022

Gang Violence Reduction Coordinator Pastor Leroy Bean and Minister of National Security Michael Weeks are joining Bernews at 8pm this evening [April 25] for the latest episode in the Bernews News & Views series, with Pastor Bean and Minister Weeks set to discuss the work being done to address gang violence.

Pastor Leroy Bean and Minister of National Security Michael Weeks BNV IG

The live video will start at around 8.00pm:

Update: We are running late, sorry, hopefully will start soon!

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  1. Tania Stafford says:

    A non-partisan whole village approach is exactly what is needed Minister, thank you for spearheading this and I am hopeful you will reach out to the women in society, including former Minister Ming, as Bermuda has long been a matriarchal society.

    • saud says:

      No…if you want to have children, you can raise them…until the ‘village’ stops discriminating against some Bermudians, you can take care of your own spawn…if they turn out to be criminal, blame yourself.

  2. Black Star says:

    Firstly Bermuda has not been a matriarchal society; black Bermuda has been one and that is directly as a consequence of the impact of white supremacy on the black Bermudian community.

    Can you with a straight face say that the white Bermuda community has ever been or is currently matriarchal in its orientatiion. If you do then what country or planet are you living on?

    You need to stop viewing the world through a white middle class feminist lens.

    Lastly, let me ask you another question. Why have we not seen these impacts occur (so called gang formation and violence) within the white community proportionatly speaking over the last twenty odd years. Whites comprise roughly 40 percent of our population. Answer that one.