New Book: Medicinal Plants Growing in Bermuda

February 19, 2019

Dr. Kuni Frith has released a second book titled Medicinal Plants Growing in Bermuda, with the author saying that “the inspiration for my second book was largely driven by appeals from the community for additional information on how to combat health issues without the use of over the counter drugs made by the pharmaceutical industry.”

Dr. Frith said, “I am convinced that the answer to so many debilitating chronic illnesses we face in the 21st century can be reversed with the application of medicinal botanicals.

“On a daily basis I am faced with any number of health complaints from persons in our community desperately seeking advice on how to address their symptoms without crippling side effects caused by the use and abuse of pharmaceutical drugs.


“It has become my mission as a tradition bearer to catalogue as many medicinal plants and organic substances growing and existing in Bermuda to improve the health of people living on our beautiful island.

“While many health care professionals advocate the use of pharmaceutical drugs as a cure all for diseases, it is imperative for people to take total responsibility for their own health and the health of their families. It is my observation that a large percentage of those in the health care arena in Bermuda do not promote prevention as an adjunct to reducing chronic disease conditions. At the first sign of illness the prescription pad comes out and the first line of defense is a pharmaceutical drug.

“Often the suggestion for medication is made without a proper diagnosis, which in my opinion can do more harm than cure. When a patient requests a less invasive approach, or a botanical recommendation for their health imbalance, generally the answer is there is nothing available other than prescription medication.

“My theory is that if folks had more information at their disposal most likely they would use it. The inspiration for my second book was largely driven by appeals from the community for additional information on how to combat health issues without the use of over the counter drugs made by the pharmaceutical industry.

“I have become a resource for people who are looking to move away from taking a pill for every little thing that malfunctions in the body and the mind. I spend a great deal of time researching and compiling data that will facilitate improved lifestyle choices for people who want to make better dietary decisions, followed by using herbs to maintain and improve their health.

Medicinal Botanicals Growing in Bermuda is the title of my second book. The book contains an additional 60 plus herbs that were not mentioned in my first book. Book two takes the reader on a journey through Bermuda’s medicinal botanical gardens. These gardens include home gardens as well as open spaces which I refer to as Mother Nature’s gardens. Mother Nature’s gardens are left to grow uninterrupted in a natural environment without the usual pruning, and weeding essential to the maintenance of manmade gardens.

“The vast medicinal plant inventory available to us in Bermuda is nothing short of phenomenal. Many of the remedies from the past used by our ancestors have been forgotten. It is my intention to revive folk medicine by making the information available to future generations and anyone who may find it helpful in combating ill health.

“Pre-sales are underway at Herbgoddess Teas in the Washington Mall. The advantage of a pre-sale is first dibs on the book before it goes on sale at local retail outlets. Other perks include a private reception prior to the official launch and release of the book to the public, along with the opportunity to purchase additional copies. The book is scheduled to be released in April 2019.”

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  1. Real Deal says:

    Interesting i wonder if this cover sting nettles and aloe

  2. sage says:

    Why is cannabis illegal?

    • Onion Juice says:

      Because it was mostly used by people of colour and alchohol was profitable by the Mafia during prohibition.
      Then the Government got a briliant idea to legalize alchohol to get in on the market, hence making weed illigal.
      Now guess who wants to get in on the Weed Market?
      The more things change they remain the same.

      • wahoo says:

        Did you read that in a book?

        • Toodle-oo says:

          Like everything else he posts he just makes it a up and keeps repeating it ad naeseaum hoping it’ll stick and make the right people angry .

          • StanTheMaintenanceMan says:

            Funny when the truth is spoken the ignorant disregard it without research. Surprisingly to you all is the fact that every bit of what OnionJuice said is all factual and can be known with even the slightest bit of research/digging. But things are hidden so the vigilant can search them out.

        • LaV says:

          you think he can read? LOL

  3. Of all our combined histories the most prolific and probably the only thing passed on generation through generation is homeopathic medicine. Plants of the American indian , Mayan , Egyptian , basically all peoples and culture have contributed to our collective health there are obviously some things probable only aesthetic a subliminal like rino horn…bulls balls etc…a placebo if you will.
    But along with current modern pharmacy …combined…well be careful there some things do not mix (google it before putting it in your mouth), and if a doctor prescribes imuran to you you might want to…boogle or google it first….

    • LaV says:

      Hard to tell what you’re saying…your thoughts seem to be disjointed, almost like you’re high.

      You seem to be suggesting that bermudians smuggle imuran. Weird.

  4. J says:

    I am already anticipating the second book, judging from the first book which I was fortunate to have bought a copy, I believe that the second book will be the icing on the cake.

  5. A says:

    Well done to an amazing role model. You have an amazing support system Dr. Kuni that loves you for all of your dedication to healing so many people not just in Bermuda but internationally. I am truly looking forward to having a copy of your book. All the best.

  6. Pearl Spa says:

    I guess I know bermuda grass^^

  7. Claire says:

    Hi! Im really keen to buy a copy of the book ‘ Medicinal Plants growing in Bermuda’. How can I buy a copy of this book online?

    Thank you for your help.