Medicinal Plants Growing In Bermuda Launch

April 25, 2019

Dr. Kuni Frith invites members of the community who are interested in purchasing the book “Medicinal Plants Growing in Bermuda” to attend the launch on Tuesday, April 30 from 6.00pm to 7.30pm at the Washington Mall.

A spokesperson said, “The long awaited book Medicinal Plants Growing in Bermuda is the second book released by Classical Traditional Naturopath Kuni M. Frith. This fully illustrated herbal reference guide encompasses the many medicinal plants growing in our backyards, gardens and around the Island.

“Medicinal Plants Growing in Bermuda offers healing solutions from Mother Nature that are very often overlooked. The information is designed to reacquaint the reader with the many folk medicine applications from the past that have been fallen into the abyss of home remedies. The book was primarily written to educate those interested in holistic lifestyles and the diverse therapeutic plant inventory available on Island.

“Dr. Kuni invites members of the community who are interested in purchasing the book to attend the launch on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at the Washington Mall lower level, from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. A private book signing will be held on Monday, April 29, 2019 at Herbgoddess Teas for persons who took advantage of the pre-paid offer. Please note that the pre-paid offer for the book is now closed.”


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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    Hmm, I know about aloe and nasturtium and fennel. I wonder what else there is? Apparently enough to fill a book! Thank you Mr. Frith

  2. Trusting Mother Nature says:

    Well DONE! I cannot wait to pick this up and learn more from Dr. Frith. Please keep learning and teaching us!

    All skeptics of natural medicine should check out Dr Sebi and HIS VICTORY in 1990′s over the US Supreme Court. He cured diabetes, AIDS, and cancer – naturally and from WITHIN the human body. The USA Government tried to sue him for false claims and for practicing medicine without a license. HE WON!!

    Why don’t we hear about it? Drug companies and food companies have the deep pockets to bury the TRUTH – in order to keep selling their CHEMICALS.

    Drug companies will not properly invest in Natural Remedies to inform us of their healing properties, because they NEED us to keep purchasing chemicals that are not found in nature. Making money from a natural product is not profitable enough, because we can just find our own cures in our own back yards, at a local park, or along the road side…

    They don’t want us to know the benefits of plants, because we would learn to be free of the healthcare system.

    Please understand, Herbalist DO NOT do this for the money!!!!! They do it because they hear a calling from Nature and to help their fellowman!

    God has provided everything we need to survive in NATURE (as he does for all his creations) – but we are too stuck in the ‘material world’ to realize that we are destroying the planet with all of the THINGS we THINK we NEED. We have to look within ourselves for the cure – not to multi billion dollar drug/food/chemical companies.

    Just think — What IF that overgrown ‘nuisance weed’ in your garden sprung up there directly from God – especially for YOU – to cure your particular disease — but instead we use weedkiller to murder that God-given cure while we continue the rat-race of life — just to pay for healthcare and medicine.

    Just ponder that for a moment — Could life actually be easier than we are making it for ourselves – especially on this paradise island?
    We say – we don’t have any exports to sustain us — yet MEDICINE and Nutrition grows at our fingertips.

    Food for thought….
    Bayer just bought Monsanto – which means a drug company just bought a Food, Herbicide and Pesticide company. So now the SAME company killing the natural remedies …. will also be making your drugs AND FOOD (but first they use GMOs which removes all the seeds so that we cannot even THINK about growing our own food). BTW – ALL fruits should have seeds — if it doesn’t it has been Genetically Modified (and doesn’t even taste good – no wonder people want to eat JUNK instead of fruits and vegetables).

    Let’s try to be careful how dependent we allow ourselves to become on all that is NOT natural….

    • Bluenose says:

      Dr. Sebi. Smdh. You really need to check your facts on Alfredo Bowman aka Dr. Sebi. And ‘God’. Lmao. Religion is a bigger con than Dr. Sebi’s ‘cures’. And that is saying something!