Government In Talks With Canadian Consulate

April 4, 2019

Minister for the Cabinet Office Walton Brown today [April 4] provided an update regarding the Biometric Identification Process for Canadian Visa Applicants saying “the Bermuda Government has stepped in and is currently in discussions with the Canadian Consulate in Bermuda”.

A spokesperson said, “The public will be aware that specific identification criteria is now mandatory for some individuals applying for a Canadian visitor visa, work or study permit or permanent residency in Canada. This is mandatory for all foreign students, inclusive of Bermudian students.”

Minister Brown said, “The Government is mindful and deeply concerned about the hardship, economic and otherwise that this has caused for Bermudian families with students studying in Canada.

“With Bermudian families already sacrificing to meet the high costs of educating their children, an added burden or roadblock is not something that they should have to take on by themselves.

“The Bermuda Government has stepped in and is currently in discussions with the Canadian Consulate in Bermuda to address the issue of Bermudians having to travel to the US to collect the Biometric data.

“Ultimately we are advocating for a Canadian team to come to Bermuda to collect the Biometric data, or exploring the possibility of the Department of Immigration or another entity becoming an authorized Canadian Visa Application Centre or Application Support Centre.

“Our Canadian partners have been receptive and we are hopeful that we will find a good balance. I look forward to updating the public on further developments.”

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  1. cozy says:

    These changes were announced – what – six months ago? He just woke up?

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Was too focused on bolstering his support base by struggling to deny rights to certain people .

      • Sandgrownan says:

        The great defender of human rights?

        No – he’s just another contemptible grubby little PLP politician.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      It’s not a very flattering photo of him is it – he has an air of disdain, almost contempt for his fellow creatures.

    • What? says:

      Those changes were announced in 2015.

  2. Fooled me twice says:

    Sure just like the British passport, then thinking they knew what they were doing good by getting us blacklisted. Now Canada.

  3. Hello! says:

    If it works out that would be great. But how long is this going to take? Students entering uni for Sept need to get biometrics done in the next couple months.

  4. Jt says:

    LOL….treat us better while we are openly anti-foreigner. Clean up your own house. Big countries don’t need us. We need them.

    • wahoo says:

      You’re right Canada owe us no special privileges. As for the part about economic hardships who is to blame for that? I would say PLP but that would get me in trouble so consider it un-said.

  5. Chauncey says:

    Wake up Minister of Cabinet! It is a big world out they and they make the rules. You want the Canadian Govt to change their requirements just for Walton? A joke. He may as well wake up to the fact he will NEVER be able to print Bermuda passports in Bermuda! Even British passports are being in France because of the cost.

    • sage says:

      Just reciprocate by demanding the same from Canadians in these categories coming here.

      • Jt says:

        Yeah…all those Canadians flocking to BDA college.

  6. Trump supporter says:

    I’ll reserve comment, they might get me blacklisted

  7. Seriously says:

    Seriously? We have to do this annually for ID and drug verification overseas

  8. Question says:

    I think Walton should walk in, put his feet up on the table, put his hands in his pockets, and tell them they have to do what he says because 25-11. That should do it. PLP diplomacy.

  9. Joe Bloggs says:

    Walton and Goliath?

  10. meh says:

    Didn’t Canada shut down their consulate in Bermuda years ago?

  11. sandgrownan says:

    The PLP have been on an anti-Canadian shtick for quite some time, Canada is the current whipping boy of choice.

    I find it laughable that the PLP have feigned indignation that Bermudians have to jump through hoops to go to Canada.

    What comes around etc …

  12. gustav says:

    that’s known already for a long time.
    our government was sleeping and woke up only now.
    another missed deadline …….
    must be an administrative mistake
    Canada will change their rules just for “Great Bermuda ”
    wake up !!!!!!!!!