Three People Injured In Five Vehicle Collision

April 18, 2019

Three people were injured and five vehicles – a motorcycle, a taxi, two cars and a scooter — were damaged in a collision on Harbour Road in Paget yesterday.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 3:30pm Wednesday, April 17th police and fellow first responders attended a reported collision on Harbour Road in Paget in the vicinity of Valley Road.

“It appears that a motorcyclist with a pillion passenger was traveling east on Harbour Road near Lower Ferry when traffic in the area came to a stop due to roadwork and the collision occurred.

“A total of five vehicles were damaged – the eastbound motorcycle, a taxi, two cars and a 50cc scooter.

“It is understood that the 50cc scooter and one of the cars were in the westbound lane at the time.

“The rider of the motorcycle, said to be a 16-year-old Warwick male and the motorcycle’s pillion passenger, said to be an 18-year-old Warwick male, were injured and transported to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment.

“At last check this morning [April 18th] the motorcycle rider was recovering in stable condition on a general ward while the motorcycle’s pillion passenger had been treated and discharged.

“The rider of the 50cc scooter, said to be a 19-year-old Warwick male was also hurt, but apparently did not attend the hospital for treatment.

“None of the injuries sustained are believed to be life threatening and no other injuries were reported.

“Inquiries continue and any witnesses are asked to call the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

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  1. comfortably numb says:

    Are 16 year old allowed to carry passengers?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Another one of those unenforced & unenforceable laws.

  2. tell me why says:

    first off, the main concern is the health and well being of all those involved in the collision. I hope they recover quickly.

    but is the 16 year old even supposed to be towing anybody on their bike? I thought the law now was that they couldn’t.

    that issue is obviously secondary to their recovery but it’s not totally insignificant information.

  3. Onion Peels says:

    Tailgating. Bermuda’s national pastime.

    • Jonathan Land Evans says:

      And speeding, and turning without signalling (and signalling without turning, too)…

  4. PANGAEA says:

    To stop tailgating and all the other crazy driving !

    Drop the crash helmet law .

    No helmet laws in Florida !

    There are five reasons you will see a big over all improvement in bike riding here with less crashes, including less robberies.

    Riding a motorcycle is all about managing risk.

    1) False sense of security.
    2) Blind spots.
    3) Reduced hearing.
    4) Restricted identity.
    5 ) Freedom.