Govt “Working Diligently” With Salvation Army

May 5, 2019

Government has “been working diligently” with the Salvation Army, and while “successive Governments have not always held up their end of the bargain – either with physical support or funding – that is about to change,” Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch said.

Speaking at the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal Kick Off event held earlier this week, Minister Burch said, “I am pleased to be here today, joining with the Salvation Army and other stakeholders to bring greetings for the Kick Off of the 2019 Annual Red Shield Appeal.

Minister Burch speaking at the Salvation Army Red Shield Kickoff

Salvation Army Red Shield Kickoff Bermuda May 3 2019 (14)

“The work of the Salvation Army worldwide is well known covering a number of social issues – that work extends to Bermuda as well. It is impressive that in spite of all that good work – they never lose sight of their most significant purpose – and that is to share God’s Love and to spread His Word.

“I’m going to take some licence though as I comment on the collaboration between the Salvation Army and the Government of Bermuda – specifically the Homeless Shelter that currently falls under my remit.

“The original Shelter lease agreement between the Army and the Government is dated August 1989 – almost 30 years ago and I can report that we have been working diligently with Major Stokes and her team since her arrival last year to forge a new and sustainable relationship – a relationship that reflects a real partnership between the Salvation Army, the Government and the people of Bermuda.

“To be brutally honest – successive Governments have not always held up their end of the bargain-either with physical support or funding – that is about to change as we believe that this partnership must be one between the people of Bermuda and the Salvation Army – one that exists regardless of which political party forms the Government.

“We are not quite there yet, much work has been done – but we are determined to forge a new and lasting relationship. I expect that we will be in a position in the not too distant future to share the specifics of that new arrangement.

One hour video of the Salvation Army Red Shield Kickoff

“The Salvation Army has been a vital part of this community for more than 100 years – helping countless numbers of our citizens during times of hardship.

“Their commitment to their mission has been unwavering – so we too must be unwavering in support of not just this Red Shield Appeal but all of their efforts I am proud to be here this afternoon to support this worthy cause and I encourage every one of us to make a contribution to the 2019 Red Shield Appeal and the greater work of the Salvation Army in Bermuda.”

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  1. chicken n gravy says:

    we have heard it all before

  2. cedar stump says:

    17 yrs and $17m seems to be the “We are not there yet” pathetic excuse………….. was it not the PLP that cut all funding and support to the Salvation Army back in 2010ish?
    Correct me if I’m wrong.
    Now homeless people are dyeing on our streets and the emotional PLP gives mention of it in the HOA, yet were the ones to cut support. Hypocrisy is leading to a cloud of descending guilt !!!!!!
    These clowns need to go.

  3. Ringmaster says:

    How exciting. It sounds as if the solution is very, very, very close.

    • Question says:

      Yes. After all, they are “working diligently”. Any minute now, I should think.

  4. char says:

    They can never say anything with out some cheesy political dig. It’s so inadequate.

  5. Cynic says:

    The problem with Burch is that he promises the earth, but has no idea of cost and if we can afford it. He was brought up in a time when Bermuda was rolling in money. Those days have gone, he hasn’t.

  6. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Government has “been working diligently” …”


    • wahoo says:

      Yeah I hope he asked people to sit down before he dropped that one.

  7. Chauncey says:

    $1.2 million that was given to the ‘Doctor’ should have gone to the Salvation Army.

  8. Jason says:

    Out government is constantly flying about on trips