Govt Seek Feedback On Work Permit Policies

May 17, 2019

Speaking in the House of Assembly today [May 17], Minister of National Security Wayne Caines provided an ”update of the proposed changes to work permit policies which begins with assessing jobs currently listed in the closed, restricted, special and open job categories.

The Minister said, “This government recognizes the importance of including every member of our community in the decision making process. To that end, we are asking for the public’s feedback on the proposed changes.

“In government’s speech from the throne, we pledged to make our immigration laws better reflect our mandate of putting Bermudians first. This includes ensuring that Bermudians can secure employment in their own country.

“To achieve this objective, I tasked the Department of Immigration with making improvements to our Work Permit Policies to strike the right balance between the legitimate expectations of Bermudians and the legitimate labour needs of businesses.

“With this in mind, the positions currently found in the closed category, for which work permit applications are not permitted are: Airline Ground Agent; Retail Floor Supervisor; General Labourer; Office Receptionist; Painter; Salesperson; Tourist Retail Salesperson; Taxi Driver; Wallpaper Technician; Grocery Packer; Cashier; and Courier. Pot washers and kitchen assistants will also be moving to the closed category list.

“In the restricted category, work permit applications for these jobs will be carefully considered and may not result in approval of a work permit. In addition, jobs in the category must be referred to the Department of Workforce Development so that suitable qualified Bermudian who are registered at can be referred to employers. It is expected that any referrals to employers will be seriously considered for employment in the relevant job.

“The positions currently found in the restricted category are: Bank Teller; General Bartender (customer facing); Carpet Installer; Commercial Cleaner; Entertainer/Musician; Fisherman; Photographer; Technical Salesperson; Travel Agent/Consultant; General Carpenter; Administrative Assistant; Room Attendant; Kitchen Porter; Dish/Pot Washer/Kitchen Assistants or roles similar thereto; Landscape Gardener (Entry Level); General Mason.

“In contrast to the closed and restricted categories, there exist the Special Work Permit category. Special work permits are the same as the open category, except that the employer must ensure that they meet any addition requirements.

“Positions in the special category include: Child-Care Giver; Beauty Salon, Spa and Hairdressing Staff; Family Support; Fine Artist; Graduate Trainees; Hospital Nurse and Physician; Hospitality: Seasonal Work Permit; Interns; Live-In Domestic Employees (Private Home); Locum Pharmacist and Shared Pharmacists; Occasional Work Permit: Model and Casual or Part-Time Employment; Musician or Entertainer; Music School Teacher; Photographer; Restaurant Staff; Self-Employed Persons and Part Owners of a Bermuda Business; Categories of Jobs Identified by the Minister where there are Large Numbers of Work Permits.

“Finally, Mr. Speaker, positions not listed in the closed, restricted or special categories are considered open category jobs and work permit applications may be applied for.

“It is hoped that any changes made will assist with skills enhancement, employment, and training and development opportunities for Bermudians who may be unemployed, under-employed or who are looking to make a career change.

“Before proceeding with any proposed changes, the government would like to have your feedback. The public have been invited to send written concerns and/or comments regarding which jobs should or should not be in the Closed, Restricted, Special and Open job categories, with the reasons why, by visiting the Citizen’s Forum at, has been extended to May 24th, 2019.

“Any decision made will affect all of us, and so it is of the upmost importance that everyone be given the opportunity, and follow through with voicing their opinion, concerns, or feedback on this most important issue.

“In addition to addressing the work permit policies, the Department of Immigration is working on many other initiatives that will address long standing and/or sensitive immigration issues such as: Mixed status families, children born overseas to Bermudian parents, the Department of Immigration Process and Procedures, Public service orders, PRC holders, the Border Management System for the new airport, and other immigration related matters.

“Government will continue to keep the public updated on developments and involved in the process by periodically requesting feedback via the Citizens Forum. Again the website address for this is”

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Comments (11)

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  1. Marching Band says:

    Why ask for input – you always do what you want anyway!

    By the way has anyone else noticed that TCD are now charging you an inspection fee for the privilege of licensing your car. They got rid of the Emissions Testing contract to lower costs, yet they snuck in a Testing Fee! If it cost you less now, how do you justify charging more?

    I guess after the public outrage over TCD charging a fee for the convenience of using a credit card. they decided to sneak in a fee for testing!

    • Question says:

      Yep. Add that to the extra 1.25% if you use your credit card.

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Pathetic. It’s just another way the PLP can say they are listening to the people. All the while years go by while commissions, committees, plans, ideas, suggestions, reports are given. Nothing will change and Bermuda’s population will continue to shrink. Despite that more will be employed in the “employer of choice”, the bloated unCivil Service and taxes will be increased to pay for them.

    TCD is a good example of where costs went down by abolishing the Emissions Testing, but the savings went straight into a fee. PLP increasing the costs for those not employed by Government. They don’t see the vote by feet and behavior taking place as the tax base reduces. I’m certainly doing what I can by not buying what I don’t need to save money and taxes.

  3. Stinky D. says:

    PLP are really sticking it to the people

  4. Slipnut says:

    To bad the party faithful that will support this party to the grave is suffering the most
    . If you think life is hard try being stupid.

  5. Question says:

    So they tell us the new rules and give us FOUR DAYS to send written feedback.

    In other words, don’t bother them.

  6. Slipnut says:

    If MPs canvas their constituents and are in touch with the people why do they waste time in executing anything? Is it a way to cover themselves when the plan fails not to take responsibility?

  7. Me says:

    This should really get lost over the May 24th holiday about time to make
    A Decision on immigration the saga PLP nobody to march against now make the rules so we can hold u all accountable for the fallout as if it’s like the bus schedule oh lawd

  8. Madge says:

    One has to wonder why the P.L.P.tolerate the likes of Commisiong !!! his remarks about the best and most liked Premier this Island has ever had was disgusting.
    Rolf need to get out of politics and the sooner the better.

  9. Madge says:

    One has to wonder why the P.L.P.tolerate the likes of Commisiong !!! his remarks about the best and most liked Premier this Island has ever had was disgusting.
    Rolf needs to get out of politics and the sooner the better.

  10. cpm says:

    So where is the peoples campaign protest against
    Mold in schools
    School closures
    Health costs rocketing
    Payments to you who-who runs the island
    Extra charge at TCD for testing
    Failed bus schedule
    School Principals and prison officers on work to rule
    Tweed got status yet?