Attempted Armed Robbery In Hamilton Parish

June 16, 2019

Around 8:40am today [June 16th] police responded to an attempted armed robbery at Howzat liquor store in Hamilton parish, where a lone male “brandishing what appeared to be a firearm and demanded money.”

The culprit left on a motorcycle empty handed, and there were no reported injuries.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 8:40am today [June 16th] police officers responded to a reported attempted armed robbery at Howzat liquor store on North Shore Road in Hamilton parish.

“Early information suggests that a lone male wearing a dark coloured helmet entered the store brandishing what appeared to be a firearm and demanded money.

“However, it appears that the culprit left on an unknown motorcycle empty handed. There were no reported injuries.

“Any witnesses or members of the public with relevant information are encouraged to call the main police telephone number 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477 at the earliest opportunity.”

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  1. Jurassic says:

    I hope the judges stop slapping these guys on the wrist. When you see how often they are let off and how many get slaps on the wrist, it’s easy to see why the law is no deterrent and there are so many repeat offenders.

  2. Smh says:


  3. Oh,l see now says:

    Money and opportunity has dried up so people (drug addicts) are desperate.I bet in days of old this fool probably wouldn’t have chosen this path.Sad end to it all is , if you are found guilty of REVENGE you too will end up in court.This individual has robbed your family twice if you go to prison.

  4. Slipnut says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t take milk,bread,eggs and diapers. You know to feed his family. Their all good Church going Boys you know.

  5. Trump supporter says:

    Crime going through the roof, govt is silent. Where’s the 130k pastor.. oh nevermind.