58-Year-Old Man Stable In ICU After Collision

July 15, 2019

A 58-year-old man is listed in stable condition in the hospital’s ICU after a collision in Paget yesterday [July 14], while a 32-year-old man was treated for his injuries and later arrested on suspicion of impaired driving.

Car Collision Paget Bermuda, July 14 2019 (1)

A police spokesperson said, “At last check this morning [July 15th] the 58-year-old male driver injured in a two car collision that occurred around 2:40am Sunday, July 14th on South Road in Paget, near the junction with Happy Talk Lane, was listed in stable condition in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

“The other driver involved, a 32-year-old man, was treated for his injuries, discharged and later arrested on suspicion of impaired driving.

“Inquiries continue and any witnesses are still asked to call the main police telephone number 295-0011 at the earliest opportunity.”

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  1. PANGAEA says:

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    Sometimes ,, I wonder how and why people decide on what size of car to purchase, for some, it is cost, for other it is the car’s shape or style, while other chose a car based on practicality, the undecided will chose their favorite colour.

    ” Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

    It is fair to say that we all don’t think the same, while price could be the dominant factor frankly I think economics has nothing to do with it as some well off people will buy a small car and invest their money elsewhere, while others go for the top of the line in order to impress their friends.

    From my experience I have alway looked for quality and durability ,style and fashion trends don’t seem to last long ,if i am wrong Rolls Royce should have gone out of business years ago.

    Today as we are now confronted with the throw away car which takes place only after say 5 to 7 years not 10 or 14 as one would hope for as in the past ,or until something really stylish comes along in the mean time.

    That is all i have to say about fashion.

    What is most important above all is PERSONAL SAFETY, the big question here are you safer in a big car or is a small car ?

    Some tend to gravitate towards smaller cars for several reasons, are they safer?

    At this point may i say that the perfect car even with all the gadgets has not been invented yet and most likely never will be, there is always a down side.

    Regardless of what car you are pre disposed to choose ,frankly size does not really factor in here as their is only one criterion that takes president over all , that is the drivers ability to manage risk under all circumstances.