Health Council Launch ‘Fresh Food Fridays’

July 15, 2019

The Bermuda Health Council will be launching “Fresh Food Fridays”, which will be a ”pop-up event for the public to come out, collect free healthy foods.”

A spokesperson said, “The Health Council has launched “Fresh Food Fridays”. This initiative is part of ongoing efforts to support population health and increase the health system’s focus on prevention. Fresh Food Fridays is a regular pop-up event for the public to come out, collect free healthy foods and engage with the Council on how we can best work to create sustainable solutions for our communities.

“The Council believes that a healthier Bermuda begins with providing access to healthier choices. Healthy choices are critical to individuals at every age.

“However, through forums and phone calls, the Health Council has heard that healthy choices can sometimes be difficult to afford or find. The inability of some to obtain the important ingredients of a healthy lifestyle, motivated the Council to act. It is the Council’s viewpoint that equitable access to health is a right, and if it requires outside investment to ensure that this right is protected, then such investments must be made.

“Although the Health Council is leading this particular initiative, we are grateful to community partners who have, to date, contributed to this cause. These partners have demonstrated that they believe in the overall goal of a healthier population.

“We hope that through these types of collaborative efforts, we can create an environment in Bermuda, where no one has to choose to skip a healthy meal in favour of unhealthy products because of income. The initial pilot of Fresh Food Fridays was part of a joint exercise with Glenn Fubler’s #ImagineBermuda, which, much like many other community-based programmes, aims to bring together diverse social movements to create collective momentum for positive change and healthier communities. We knew that this contribution to the community was important when we saw the smiles on faces during that event.”

“We are committed to improving access to goods and services that positively impact the health of the population. We understand the social determinants and health risks that end in chronic illness and life changing health events.

“Fresh Food Fridays is a small part of that commitment, and hopefully a symbol to those seeking health that their journey is supported by their community. You indeed are not alone in your walk. We are grateful to partners who have been generous in supplementing our own internal team members’ contributions, and hope to encourage others in the community to support this initiative and others like it.

“In fact we ideally imagine every community on this island creating some form of their own “healthy food tree”. We have to create as many opportunities as possible for our extended family and friends to achieve optimal health.”

“Fresh Food Fridays will be held at various locations around the island to maximise reach and engagement with different segments of the community. For ongoing dates and locations, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and join our mailing list.”

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