Cycling: BBA Winners Edge Road Race Results

August 26, 2019

Jamie Cousins rode to victory in the Bermuda Bicycle Association’s Winners Edge Road Race.

Cousins claimed the Adult A Division title with a time of 47:47.705, Mark Hatherly finished second in 47:53.616 and Domonique Mayho crossed the line third with a time of 47:55.869.

BBA Criterium Bermuda Aug 2019

Wouter Aarts won the Adult B Division with a time of 48:19.093, Liam Flannery crossed the line second in a time of 48:19.196 and Clifford Roberts finished third clocking 48:49.959.

With a time of 38:57.930, Anthony Smith won the Adult C Division race, with Wayne Scott finished second with a time of 38:57.935 and Mark Lombardi finished third clocking 38:58.459.

The full BBA Edge Road Race Results follow below [PDF here].

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