Live Video & Updates: Second Day Of Cup Match

August 2, 2019

[Updating] The second day of Cup Match is getting started today [Aug 2], and we will continue live updates, and are also carrying the live video stream of the cricket action.

Cup Match TC (5) 3 Live video and updates

Somerset’s team includes Captain Jordan DeSilva, Vice Captain Terryn Fray, Stephen Outerbridge, Chris Douglas, Greg Maybury, Malachi Jones, Dion Stovell, Kwasi James Steven Bremar, Derrick Brangman, and Alje Richardson, along with reserves Dalin Richardson, Isaiah Richardson, Nirobi Mills, and junior reserve Jermal Proctor.

St. George’s team includes Captain Lionel Cann, Vice Captain Onias Bascome, Treadwell Gibbons Jr., Temiko Wilson, Macai Simmons, Allan Douglas Jr., Zeko Burgess, Oliver Pitcher Jr., Justin Pitcher, Rodney Trott, and Mackih McGowan, along with reserves Nzari Paynter, Isaiah Greaves, and Oyindé Bascome.

Due to streaming time limits, we are doing this in two parts.

Live stream of Cup Match day two, production via Channel 82

Replay of the morning/mid afternoon portion

Cup Match Holiday Information

The game can be viewed on television via Channel 82 and the live blog below will be updated throughout the entire holiday. For strictly cricket updates you can also follow our dedicated sports Twitter account @BernewsSports where we will be live tweeting the match, and you can see all our Cup Match coverage here.

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  1. Bullwinkle T. M says:

    Two things Second day St. George’s is stalling the game…and judging from side view…is bowling past the wicket with no penalty or foul.

  2. Bullwinkle T. M says:

    Let’s see…what constitutes a catch?
    Why… A catch…constitutes one.
    You got sun shtroke?

  3. Bullwinkle T. M says:

    So Somerset hit the ball out the front gate…the St. George’s Fielding went to retrieve the ball…he had to pay the gate keeper to get back in!

  4. Ed says:

    Congrats to Eddie Kelly!
    Born second day of Cup Match 63 years ago!

  5. Teri White says:

    Bernews!!! Loving the Cup match coverage!! Watching from North Little Rock, Arkansas. Doing a great job!!! The live stream is great. Congrats to Bermuda, the announcers, media coverage & all involved for a job well done!!! Bermudian Abroad!!!

  6. puzzled says:

    I guess another draw.
    Oh well.….