Bermuda Harness Pony Racing Results

October 6, 2019 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda Equestrian Federation’s Harness Pony Racing Season got underway at the National Equestrian Center on Vesey Street.

In the opening race of the 2019-20 Season, Philip Correia in the bike of Reel Patrol took the line honors clocking a time of 1:06&3 competing in the 1:03&4 & Faster Time Bar Class, Dylan DeSilva and Double Time finished second with a time of 1:07&1 and third was Candyce Martins finished third in the bike of Inwoods Realist stopping the clock in 1:07&3.

During Heat 2 of the 1:08&1 – 1:11&3 Time Bar Class, Scott Constable in the bike of GV Special Dream crossed the line first in a time of 1:12&1, Demian Tucker in the bike of Captain Chaos finished second clocking 1:13&1, while Tahzii Flood and Rock On finished 3rd clocking a time of 1:13&3 and Nick DeCosta who had trouble prior to the start that saw him and Pokie L Time chasing before the race started finished fourth with a time of 1:14&1.

Three ponies went to the startline for Heat 3 in the 1:04 – 1:05&1 Time Bar Class, Christian Truran in the bike of Big Mean Machine clocked a winning time of 1:08&1, David Burrows Jr. and Reign of Terror finished second in 1:08&2 and Inwood’s Progress with Candyce Martins in the bike finished third clocking 1:08&4.

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