Councilor Lloyd Van Putten Resigns From CSG

November 25, 2019

The Corporation of St. George [CSG] announced the resignation of Councilor Lloyd Van Putten from the CSG.

A spokesperson said, “The Corporation of St. George [CSG] regrets to announce the resignation of Councilor Lloyd Van Putten from the CSG. The CSG would like to thank Mr. Van Putten for his contributions and wish him well in his future endeavors.

Working with Community Partners

“The CSG has endured a rough period with the previous resignation of a Councilor and other issues that bought the CSG to the attention of the public. Despite these recent occurrences the CSG will continue to work for the Town and is looking forward to the bright future that is ahead.

“The Town is looking forward to the opening of the new Airport in 2020 as well as the completion of the St. Regis Hotel. Both projects will bring a renewed vitality to the Town and its inhabitants. In addition, recent talks with the Government are bringing the new Marina closer to reality and the CSG will continue to work alongside the Government regarding the Water & Wastewater project for the Town.

Come to the Christmas Events

“In closing the CSG would like to invite the public to St. George for the Christmas Season to enjoy the many events planned in the Town;

  • “Our Christmas season starts on November 30th, when we turn on the Christmas Lights in the Town and the 2nd Annual St. George’s Boat Parade.
  • “Bermuda National Trust Walkabout on December 6th
  • “Santa is Coming to Town on December 14th
  • “Annual New Year’s Eve event on December 31st.”

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  1. ella says:

    What internal issues are going on down there?
    This is the second person in a matter of weeks that has resigned.
    Who’s next??