OBA: Premier Deflecting From ‘Unpopular Policy’

February 19, 2020

“Questions must be asked about whether the Premier misled the House,” Shadow Health Minister Pat Gordon-Pamplin said in relation to the Premier’s comments about the Patients 1st group, adding that “the Premier is trying to deflect from a very unpopular new policy.”

Ms. Gordon-Pamplin said, “Now that the insurance companies have all denied being involved in running Patients 1st, questions must be asked about whether the Premier misled the House.

“Last Friday, using Parliamentary privilege, the Premier said: “It’s being run by the insurance companies. And they are not going to show their faces, because they are trying to protect their profits.”

“The Premier is trying to deflect from a very unpopular new policy by blaming Bermudians and Bermudian businesses and organisations. He is clearly getting desperate.

“He is also ignoring the fact that some 12,000 people, an extraordinary number, have signed a petition against the plans.

“Are we now in a situation where we have a Premier totally at odds with the people? Is this now a case of Burt vs Bermudians?”

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  1. Oh yes!! says:

    Oh yes!!

  2. Down with the PLP says:

    It’s time to shout out – down with the PLP!!!!

  3. Suspicious says:

    Also how can he say that if the doctors are not on board the proposals can’t materialise? What is that all about?

  4. watching says:

    This is rich from the lady who tried to scare the whole island into thinking there was going to be a Coronavirus epidemic.

    • bluenose says:

      Are you able to see the future? How do you know there will not be an epidemic on island?

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    People need to keep in mind that everytime the word “Mislead” or “Misled” is used as in “The Premier misled the House”, the real word to use is some iteration of LIED.

    Apparently, so as not to hurt tender feelings, MPs are not permitted to accuse each other of lying. Winston Churchill came up with the most creative way of calling a fellow MP a lier by declaring that the MP was “an alien to the truth”.

  6. Wahoo says:

    “Burt vs Bermudians” well that is how it feels so let’s run with it. I listened to as much as I could last night and did not come away from it feeling reassured. We need a change real quick we are sinking so fast now. This administration are not lifting a finger to attract foreign investors and that is the only thing that will turn us around.

    • Down with the PLP says:

      Time to organize marches on Parliament and get our $ for being pepper sprayed too! Let’s get organized Bermuda and out these circus performers out of power!!!

  7. Kevin says:

    well lets see what rolls out next ,,,since the government cant afford to pay for the uninsured they want us to pay …sounds plp ish doesn’t it what a mess this party has gotten us into …but when you put clueless people in charge they can only make clueless decisions….between all 25 of them they aren’t capable of making a bus schedule so why expect them to solve the absolute mess they have created …hell the only good blip on the radar is tourism and calamity Zane wants too make changes ….wow …wow …wow ….

  8. Red rose says:

    Oh and what happrned tonthe $100,000 burt said would be put into fintech fund last monday?