FPT & Treefrog Consulting Launch ILS Software

March 12, 2020 | 0 Comments

Foundation Platform Technologies [FPT] in partnership with Treefrog Consulting Ltd has officially launched an ILS software called “Foundation” – a powerful pricing, risk and portfolio management solution.

A spokesperson said, “Foundation Platform Technologies [FPT] in partnership with Treefrog Consulting Ltd has officially launched their ILS and Reinsurance deal pricing and rollup platform called Foundation – a powerful pricing, risk and portfolio management solution.

“Our team has been working to provide Reinsurance and ILS technology needs for more than seven years in Bermuda and around the globe and has invested the last three years in the development of the Foundation Platform.

“We are excited to officially bring our product to market with Tangency Capital being the first full user of the software for its portfolio and investment management – a milestone for Treefrog and FPT,” said a spokesperson.

“Tangency is an ILS company launched in 2018 that has rapidly grown to $400m in assets under management. Kai Morgenstern, a partner in Tangency said: “We are pleased to work with the very experienced and responsive team at Treefrog Consulting over the past six months in enhancing their technology and adding features and customized capabilities to the platform which allow us to run our underwriting and portfolio management on a fully auditable platform.”

“Fresh from winning the 2019 Bermuda International Technology Innovation Award, Foundation’s engineering team has invested this past year with its Reinsurance and ILS Pilot Program leaders, including Tangency, to elevate and fine tune Foundation into a powerful pricing, risk and portfolio management solution that firms will require in tomorrow’s marketplace.

Mr. Morgenstern added: “What excites us most about the platform is its ability to handle not only our immediate need of pricing our reinsurance contracts in the context of the entire portfolio but also the ability to track all the ancillary information about our transactions.

“Being able to define our own unique formulas and outputs in the system also gives us a lot of room to innovate within the platform as we move forward with our company’s growth targets.”

Treefrog’s President, Dmitry Mnushkin explained: “Our driving goal was always to build a scalable high-power application with a simplified deal structuring, pricing and analysis workflow.

“Working with leaders like Tangency and collaborating with our Amazon Cloud certified partners, Foundation fundamentally demonstrates how leading technologies are being embraced by innovators in the ILS and Reinsurance space”.

“To schedule a demo or to be a participant in a pilot programme, email info@foundationplatform.com or call 1 [441] 295-0050.”

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