Governor John Rankin Visits Regiment Troops

March 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

Governor John Rankin today [March 30] toured Warwick Camp and talked to the Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers who are some of the people on the front line of the battle against Covid-19.

Mr Rankin said: “I was very pleased to visit Warwick Camp to meet the members of the Royal Bermuda Regiment who are doing so much to assist the island at this challenging time.

“In consultation with the Minister of National Security, the Regiment is being deployed in numerous tasks in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“These include supporting the Bermuda Police Service in its community advisory points and ensuring that the night time curfew is respected. “

Mr Rankin added: “The Regiment has also been helping to transport passengers arriving at the airport to quarantine locations and in helping in a number of instances to ensure that individuals can travel to the hospital when required. “

RBR Commanding Officer Major Ben Beasley escorted Mr Rankin on his tour.

Temperature check: Governor John Rankin is checked for a high temperature by an RBR soldier on his visit to Warwick Camp

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Mr Rankin said: “I am grateful to Major Beasley and all of the men and women who serve in the Regiment for their work, and I am proud of all that they are doing.”

The Governor’s visit followed a trip to Warwick Camp by National Security Minister Wayne Caines on Sunday.

Mr Caines said afterwards: “On the first night of the curfew, I patrolled the streets of Hamilton with members of the Royal Bermuda Regiment. I was pleased to see that residents were complying with the guidelines of the curfew.

“Individuals we encountered had legitimate exemptions to be moving about during the restricted hours.

“I think it’s critical for residents to understand that this will be our new normal for the immediate future. So it’s important for all of Bermuda to heed the advice of the Government by practising social distancing, which is key to limiting any potential community spread of the virus.

Mr Caines added: “I want to commend the RBR and the Bermuda Police Service for their professionalism and dedication.

“They also have families at home, so their duty, sacrifice and service on behalf of the people of Bermuda is greatly appreciated.”

Social distance: The Governor talks to troops from a safe distance on the firing range at Warwick Camp

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Maj. Beasley said: “While the current situation is new for the members of the Royal Bermuda Regiment, the public can be assured that our unwavering dedication is the result of comprehensive training and a strong military ethos.

“The Regiment’s adaptability brings flexible capacity to a variety of Government agencies.”

Maj Beasley added: “On behalf of all the soldiers, I thank the members of the public who have shared their appreciation and support for their military which is deployed across the Island in support of our sister services and other Government departments.

“We are fortunate to work alongside highly competent agencies.

“I echo the remarks of His Excellency the Governor in my expression of gratitude to the soldiers who make the sacrifice to serve and to their families who, in some cases, are feeling even more of the pressure at home during these difficult times.”

Maj. Beasley said: “The Royal Bermuda Regiment continues to be the team standard of what our people can achieve under difficult circumstances and we remain ready to continue that support for as long as it is required.”

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