Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For April 2020

April 30, 2020

Bernews posted more than 200 videos across our various social networks during April 2020, and the most viewed videos were almost entirely focused on the Covid-19 pandemic, which has dominated headlines worldwide due to its unprecedented and very serious nature.

As far as Facebook videos, the top one for the month was a live video of the Government press conference on Covid-19 on April 24, the second was the live audio of the emergency sitting of the House of Assembly, and the third was a 21-foot kite in St David’s back in 2011.

On Instagram, the most viewed video for the month was Minister Kim Wilson announcing that Bermuda has 81 confirmed Covid-19 cases, the second was Premier David Burt confirming the third Covid-19 death in Bermuda, and the third was the Bernews Morning Newsflash on April 5.

The most watched Twitter video was Premier Burt reminding the public of the importance of following the rules, the second was the government list of approved businesses, and the third was the 21-foot kite in St David’s in 2011.

#1 – Premier: State of Emergency | Shelter In Place, April 1

#2 – Govt List Of Approved Businesses, April 22

#3 – Audio: Virtual sitting of House of Assembly, April 17

#4 – Misty Weather In Bermuda, April 27

#5 – Airport Staff In PPE To Welcome Flight, April 24

#6 – Empty Streets Amid ‘Shelter In Place’, April 23

#7 – Govt Press Conference On Covid-19, April 14

#8 – Govt Press Conference On Covid-19, April 17

#9 – Govt Press Conference On Covid-19, April 9

#10 – Premier Covid-19 Bermuda Update, April 2

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