‘May Remain In A Tent’ Over Cup Match

July 16, 2020

Amendments to the Public Health Covid-19 Emergency Powers were made related to camping over the Cup Match holiday; stating that someone “may remain in a tent” after 11pm from Wednesday, July 29th to the morning of Monday, August 3rd.

The regulations state, “Camping over the Cup Match holiday. Notwithstanding regulation 3[1], a person may remain in a tent which is not his home after 11pm, provided that—

  • [a] he does not leave the camp site in which the tent is located during the hours of midnight and 5am, except for a medical or other emergency; and
  • [b] he complies at all times with relevant guidance.

“This regulation applies for the five nights from Wednesday 29 July 2020 to the morning of Monday 3 August 2020 only.

“For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this regulation affects the requirements of or under the Bermuda National Parks Act 1986 or any other Act relating to camping [prohibition on camping in an area which is not designated camping area, requirement for written permit etc].“

The Public Health [Covid-19 Emergency Powers] Amendment follows below [PDF here]


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    Thats great news, but why not for the rest of the camping season? Seems a bit odd that you can camp for 5 days (when EVERYONE ELSE WILL CAMP) but not after when very few ppl camp.