Non-Profits Offered A Covid-19 Marketing Boost

July 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

Bermuda’s non-profit organisations including sporting clubs and associations have been quick to take up an opportunity to boost their marketing during the slowdown of COVID-19; thanks to a scholarship offered by Cummings V Zuill Leadership Award Trust.

Local marketing consultant firm, Two Four One is offering an online course to help the third sector level-up their marketing and the Cummings V Zuill Leadership Award Trust has supported the non-profit sector by offering scholarships to cover the cost.

Trust Scholarship Committee spokesperson, Theresa Hall explained, “The initiative is to give an opportunity to all those who are, or were until recently, employed by a third sector organisation, to upskill. The non-profit sector didn’t escape redundancies and furloughs, and we’re encouraging those impacted to learn something new or to improve on what they know, through further education and training.”

“Qualifying applicants can be awarded 100% funding from the Trust Scholarship for the ‘Level-Up Your Marketing for Non-profits’ training and those interested have until this Wednesday, July 15th to apply for scholarship funding online using this Application Form. Funding from the scholarship is limited and applicants are advised to submit their request promptly.

“The scholarship is open to all of the third sector including faith-based groups, even if they are not registered charities. The Trust is also accepting applications for 100% funding of other educational programs up to $3000 where the training will deliver a benefit to the third sector.

Ms Hall explained, “Usually we encourage applicants to contribute at least a 20% of the cost of the training, so that they have some skin in the game, but these are extraordinary times, so we are offering extraordinary funding!”

The ‘Level-Up Your Marketing’ course delivered by Two Four One takes non-profits through 6 stages of marketing in a 12-week online course. It includes self-study lessons, workbooks, hands-on marketing activities, group coaching calls and ongoing support from Communications and Marketing consultant Vicki Abraham and Graphic Design specialist Laura Ann Bell, who are partners in the business.

Ms Bell said, “When we realized the demand for marketing services in the small business and non-profit sector, particularly during the pandemic, we thought the most effective way to extend a helping hand would be to offer marketing support, guidance and advice to small groups at a greatly reduced price, so we developed an online course – details and course curriculum can be found on the website:

“This way we can empower non-profits to do their own marketing, and we’re showing them the shortcuts, how to be effective with time and money and get the results they seek.”

She said, “The response has been astounding and with the generosity of the C V Zuill Leadership Award Trust, it’s a no-brainer for helping organisations that want to level-up.”

“The online marketing course begins Monday July 20th and registration closes this Wednesday, July 15th.”

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