Expedited Onboarding For Certificate Holders

September 2, 2020

In response to the creation of the Government’s Work from Bermuda Certificate – which allows overseas individuals the right to reside in Bermuda for one year as a remote worker — Butterfield said they have “initiated expedited customer onboarding for Work from Bermuda Certificate holders.”

“This will allow approved applicants in receipt of a Certificate to open a new Butterfield account without valid address verification documentation,” a spokesperson explained.

Michael Neff, Managing Director of Butterfield’s Bermuda operations said, “Due to the Government’s swift five-business-day turnaround for the application process, it is unlikely that an approved individual will have secured a valid Bermuda address verification document when applying for a new Butterfield account.

“The Bank has responded quickly to support the Government’s initiative and ensure that remote workers have access to their overseas funds as soon as possible, allowing them to secure rental accommodation and transportation, and purchase food and supplies on arrival.

“New customers holding Work from Bermuda Certificates can be onboarded without valid address verification on an exception basis, under the condition that the verification document is provided to Butterfield within three months of the onboarding approval date.”

A spokesperson explained, “Work from Bermuda Certificate holders and individuals considering applying can contact Butterfield’s Retail Banking division at [441] 295 1111 or visit the Moving to Bermuda page on our website for more information and to start the account opening process.

“The following documentation is required:

  • Account application form
  • Work from Bermuda certificate
  • Certified copy of passport
  • Source of funds/source of wealth documentation
  • Declaration of Tax status
  • W-9 for US citizens

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