OBA: We Have Learned, We Will Do Better

September 30, 2020

“We have learned from our time in Government that is why we will do better,” OBA Leader Craig Cannonier said.

Mr. Cannonier said, “In 2011 I took a leap, a leap of faith after watching our island home suffer. I gladly accepted the leadership of the One Bermuda Alliance.

“We needed a change. Everyone agreed that Bermuda needed a change.

“We needed a different pilot to chart the course and in 2012, we went to the polls and historically changed the landscape of our government which undeniably enhanced our economy and brought key investments into our Island.

“While we, the OBA Government were extremely focused on the economic challenges, we did not give equal attention to the social woes of our country.

“We have learned from our time in Government that is why we will do better.

“This election was called at a time when we should have been caring for our most vulnerable, protecting ourselves, our families, friends, and neighbors and those who have lost jobs.

“Instead, you were asked to turn your attention to an election.

“This was very much politically motivated, and nothing to do with the needs of Bermuda.

“This isn’t just any election brothers and sisters; this is an opportunity to once again demand more.

“We need jobs, economic stability, common sense governing, social evidence-based programs and a government that knows how to get things done.

“This government has proven time and time again that they, in fact, do not know how to get our economy back on track.

“I started off by saying that I took a leap of faith, based on my desire to help rebuild Bermuda’s economy.

“Now I ask you to take a leap, but not of faith.

“You have seen the One Bermuda Alliance do this before and you have seen that when we work together the results are phenomenal.

“The greatest weapon we have against any threat is our ability to quickly rally together, help each other and weather the storms of life together.

“Tomorrow, I ask that you exercise your right to vote.

“Speak boldly at the polls and if it is your desire to place Bermuda’s future back in the hands of the One Bermuda Alliance, we will humbly take the wheel and with everyone’s help, guide us to safety, prosperity and a Bermuda that works better for all.”

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  1. Imjustsaying says:

    Their slogan sounds like they are begging for you to give them a chance.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    “This was very much politically motivated, and nothing to do with the needs of Bermuda.”

    Yes. I was not aware anyone was pretending otherwise. What is your point?

  3. Proven says:

    The power belongs to the people today – next time show respect!

  4. Lolbda says:

    What did this guy expect? The only discussed premier in Bermuda history. He should have never been leader again. Plus that party is just too weird man.