OBA To Hold Election For Party Chairperson

October 27, 2020 | 1 Comment

The OBA will soon be holding their elections for Party Chairperson, with Catherine Kempe and Justin Mathias both standing for election.

An email sent out by the OBA said, “We can now inform you that two people have put their names forward with the intention to seek the office of Party Chair and have triggered the need for a vote to take place on November 3rd with details to be sent out in due course.

“The two individuals who have put their name forward are Mrs. Catherine Kempe JP and Mr. Justin Mathias.

“Catherine Kempe most recently ran for the OBA in Constituency 14 in the recent General Election and has been in the post of Deputy Chair for since August 2020 and formerly was party secretary. She is passionate about many issues including her family, health care and advancing women in the leadership of Bermuda.

“Over the years Justin Mathias has served as the Future Bermuda Alliance Chair, Opposition Senator, Deputy Chair and a short stint as Party Chair in 2018. Justin is passionate about the future of our Country, with an emphasis on the inclusion of young persons and women in our political system.

“Please note that you are required to be a fully paid up member of the OBA in order to cast your ballot. Payments can be made online here.”

According to Mr Mathias, Victoria Cunningham and Michael Cann are the new Deputy Chairs of the One Bermuda Alliance.

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  1. watching says:

    Will there be an election for a new leader? Will Cannonier run unopposed?
    Why have they said virtually nothing about their state of leadership?

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