TLC To Host Cybersecurity Career Webinar

October 23, 2020 | 0 Comments

The TLC Group will be hosting a Facebook Livestream today [Oct 23] to discuss careers in the cybersecurity field.

A spokesperson said, “We are now more than halfway through Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2020 and we’ve been busy. As a matter of fact, we’ve been focused on empowering individuals and organisations to enhance their cybersecurity posture by sharing daily digital & online safety tips on our social media platforms [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn], participating in virtual cybersecurity summits, providing free cybersecurity advice & guidance to small businesses or sharing knowledge and resources with government and critical infrastructure agencies.

“This week, our focus is on cybersecurity careers –

  • “Who can become a cybersecurity professional?
  • “What roles are there in cybersecurity?
  • “When is the right time to train for a career in cybersecurity?
  • “Where is the most demand for cybersecurity professionals?
  • “How to get into a cybersecurity career?

“These questions and others like them, are increasingly being asked online, in group chats, emails and day to day conversation, by individuals who are uncertain about their futures in work. Even before the COVID pandemic, many locals were under/unemployed, and we are yet to fully feel the impacts of a changing work environment. Outsourcing, downsizing, restructuring, additional tasks and responsibilities are all part of the current job market.

“However, one job sector that was already seeing impressive growth before the pandemic, is cybersecurity and since the pandemic, job vacancies have accelerated due to the increase in remote working and the ramping up of suspicious activity by cyber criminals.

“The TLC Group of Companies is committed to encouraging individuals from all walks of life to consider a career in cybersecurity and provides mentoring, skills & certification training to assist those looking for an exciting and rewarding career path.

“This Friday, we invite everyone to join our Facebook/Instagram livestream, where we will be joined by local and international experts in cybersecurity training, hacking and recruitment. The host of the show, Cybersecurity expert Taheera Lovell, will pose the questions mentioned above to our distinguished guests while leading the discussions on useful and practical advice and guidance for breaking into or scaling the ladder of a cybersecurity career.

“Follow and Like our Facebook page to be notified of the livestream taking place Friday 23 October from 12:30 – 1:30pm. If you are interested in learning more about cybersecurity training options or for career advice, email or visit”

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