MarketPlace Shelves Stocked With Fresh Produce

December 3, 2020 | 3 Comments

The Marketplace announced that fresh produce has arrived in their stores and their teams “worked incredibly hard to quickly get our shelves restocked.”

While fresh produce arriving at a grocery store is generally not a newsworthy event, in this case it may be of interest because some store shelves have been looking what can be euphemistically termed as less than full lately, especially as it pertains to fresh produce, with a labour dispute on the docks creating some logistical challenges.

The company posted the image below online and said, “Great news: fresh produce has arrived! Our teams worked incredibly hard to quickly get our shelves restocked with fresh produce after arriving on island this morning. You can count on us!”

MarketPlace Bermuda Dec 3 2020

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  1. I and I says:

    Would be wonderful if the shelves were stocked with local produce but anyway…..

  2. I highly suggest everyone hurry to the grocery stores and pick up what you can eat in the next couple of days with those ” Fresh Vegetables ” that are now already a week older than normal and looking a very pale green in color.
    I say that while sitting here in Florida eating Broccoli that is still a nice dark green and I bought it 12 days ago.

    Every one can thank the irresponsible union workers at the docks who broke the law once again and downed tools, and you all are stuck buying vegetables that look like they should have been consumed a week ago. Also don’t forget to thank your elected the government that you foolishly voted for, for there lack of action on making the dockworkers go back to work immediately, but hey! You get what you vote for, don’t you?

    • trufth says:

      I hate overpaying for produce that should be thrown in the garbage. It’s ridiculous.
      I decided to grown my own.

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