Two Basketball Courts Newly Refurbished

December 24, 2020 | 8 Comments

Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports Dr. Ernest Peets visited the newly refurbished basketball courts at Shelly Bay and Olive Bank, also know as the Jones’ Village Community Field.

A Government spokesperson said, “Minister Peets commended the collaboration between the Department of Youth Sports and Recreation and the MoonGate Group for making the project a reality.

“The Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation established a partnership with the MoonGate Group and its president and CEO, Mr. Leon Bascome, a well-known local athlete and basketball enthusiast, to invest in newly fabricated metal backboards for each of the courts.

“The MoonGate Group believes in supporting the development of the youth of Bermuda through Academics, Arts and Sports. This is just one of the community initiatives that they have helped to bring into fruition.”

Minister Peets said, “The restoration of these courts is a cornerstone of the Department of Youth Sports and Recreation’s efforts to ensure that the Bermuda Public have clean, safe recreational space to share and enjoy.

“It is envisioned that community groups and National Governing Bodies like Bermuda Basketball Association and the Bermuda Netball Association will have the opportunity to arrange youth and young adults, training, games and tournaments on these courts.

“Hamilton Parish and neighboring parishes and communities frequently utilize Shelly Bay for sports and family events and we want to return Olive Bank, to the neighborhood stature that it once held, for the Jones Village Community and families of Warwick Parish to enjoy.”

Mr. Bascome added, “it is quite gratifying that we are able to give back Bermuda in this manner. I am from Hamilton Parish and grew up running countless laps around Shelly Bay Field; thus, it is only natural for me to invest in my own community.

“I was very excited to see the courts used by the kids, the very next day after installation. I would like to thank the Minister of Youth, Cultutre and Sports Dr. Ernest Peets and Dr. Freddie Evans for their shared vision; and the Department of Youth Sport & Recreation, the Department of Parks, and Chantel Simons of MoonGate for collectively making this happen.”

Minister Ernest Peets, MoonGate Group President and CEO Leon Bascome and youth participants 

Far Right Local Youth Justin Ebbin (blue) Jahzion Lugo (grey)

Minister Peets Basketball Bermuda Dec 23 2020 (2)

Minister Peets Basketball Bermuda Dec 23 2020 (3)

Minister Peets Basketball Bermuda Dec 23 2020 (4)

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  1. wahoo says:

    Wow, thank you for that. Can you now fix the the economy that you ruined? Please.

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Not possible. PLP only know how to spend money and if it’s not there borrow it. Been like that for 15 years, after Eugene Cox sadly departed. Borrowed money will dry up in 2021 and unlikely any more debt can be incurred. 30-6 will be a tombstone.

  3. Seriously? says:

    I guess this wi keep youth off streets and in gangs? Oh wait no this is perfect place to meet next generation youth and indoctrinate them into gangs!

    • Ray says:

      You clowns above are simple and that is why so many voters departed and left the oba aka ubp with 6 seats. Your hate is why you lost!

      • saud says:

        Your party, the plp, is going to the privy council to beg them to help the plp to discriminate against some Bermudians.
        Your credibility as human beings is nil.
        You’re a coward, a hypocrite and a homophobe.
        You’re disgusting.

        Bermuda is bankrupt, thanks to the plp.
        Fortunately for you, you don’t understand what that means, so your life is an ignorant bliss.

      • wahoo says:

        ….or perhaps your vote is too easily bought by plp fixing a basketball court and calling for pictures to be taken while the economy is a disaster. BTW they used taxpayers borrowed money yo do this.

  4. Warrior says:

    There is a basketcourt and tennis court on Southside in St. David’s near the emergency housing. Both courts were in immaculate condition before the Community School programme closed. BLDC are they your responsibility, if so, perhaps two bb courts could replace the tennis court. Lovitta, please take time to check this situation out.

  5. WUDI says:

    Great! Renovating the basketball court is a great thing for the community

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