Stolen Car Recovered After ‘Lengthy Chase’

December 1, 2020

After the police located a stolen car in St. George’s, “the suspect suddenly started the vehicle and commenced a lengthy chase” through several parishes, which concluded in Warwick with the suspect escaping on foot and police recovering the vehicle.

A police spokesperson said, “At 12:00 pm on Monday 30th November, uniformed police officers on patrol in the area of the BTC substation located on Wellington Street, St. George, came upon a reported stolen motorcar [white Honda CRV registration #05338].

“Upon approaching the vehicle, the officers discovered a male suspect asleep in the driver’s seat.

“Alerted by the arrival of police, the suspect suddenly started the vehicle and commenced a lengthy chase from St. George through several parishes.

“The chase concluded in Warwick, near T.N. Tatem Middle School, where the suspect alighted from the vehicle and made good his escape on foot.

“There were no reported injuries or collisions as a result of this pursuit.

“The vehicle was recovered and the Roads Policing Unit are conducting inquiries into this matter.”

Police Quote Dec 1 2020

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  1. What says:

    They couldn’t put in road block’s before the car got past the causeway/ bridge? Surely before it got to Warwick? SIGH

  2. sage says:

    Why didn’t they call the Southside station to block the only way out of St. Georges before approaching the car? One car on the bridge and one out of sight before the bridge to trap this joker when he rolled into the roadblock.

  3. Dirk Gentley says:

    So, if I am reading this article correctly, the suspect stole a car, drove around the island whilst being chased by police, had time for a nap, and then simply ran away? That is some fine detective work. Scooby Doo and Shaggy would be proud. At least they found the car, I guess.

  4. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    begs the question,they couldn’t find a vehicle to block of the Causeway to prevent further chase?
    I can see serious questions being asked by senior officers about this incident.

  5. James says:

    Couldn’t stop a car from St Georges to Warwick? Pathetic.

  6. Harry says:

    So for those who get on here and call the efforts of the police pathetic, you are pathetic yourselves! Stealing cars is a new phenomenon here and if it continues, you can be sure a new protocol will be implemented. To arrange a road block in advance of approaching a stolen vehicle is not so friggin easy! What about other drivers on the roads? What about people who could be hurt by a stolen car chase? If car theft is on the rise, the police will need to have a solid plan in place. Maybe they didn’t know car was stolen till the guy took off in the car. I’m sure that will be the situation encountered as well. Will require another approach. The police have been cut back and budget reduced. Their jobs are huge and they need our support on all fronts they face new and old.