Bermuda Police Services On Stolen Vehicles

January 26, 2021

Noting there have been “several reports of cars being stolen,” the police provided tips to help prevent vehicle theft.

A police spokesperson said, “In recent weeks, there have been several reports of cars being stolen from locations across the island. Prevention and deterrence are the best advice for all motor vehicle owners to adhere in order to not become a victim of vehicular theft.

“The Bermuda Police Services advises that you implement, where possible, the following measures to prevent against falling victim to vehicle theft.

“Keeping your doors locked is the first step in deterring a thief. It’s good to get into the habit of double-checking that your vehicle’s windows and doors are closed before leaving your car unattended.

“Never leave your keys in the ignition and also should not leave your car running, even if you’re just going into a store for a quick errand. A running vehicle may be an easy target for a thief, especially if it is unattended or unlocked.

“Keep your windows closed completely. A thief can simply reach into your car through an open window taking what they can reach or unlocking the door to gain full access to your vehicle and everything in it.

“If you can, avoid parking in areas that are poorly lit or places that are not immediately seen by passers-by. Parking under a light and in a well-trafficked area, may be deter a thief if they know they can easily be seen.

“It is recommended that you install an audible alarm system, if your car did not come with one. The noise emitted by an audible alarm if someone attempts to enter the vehicle, often the car’s horn, attracts attention that may chase off a potential thief.

“If your car is stolen, contact the police immediately.

“There have also been increased reports of individuals gaining entry into and rummaging unlocked vehicles, looking for anything of perceived value. Police advise that following the above advice, could lessen your chances of becoming a victim.


“Motorcycles are most frequently taken from car parks around the City of Hamilton but also from residential neighbourhoods.

“Typically, motorcycles are stolen for joy riding or for stripping of their parts.

“Again, always remove keys from the ignition, even if you intend on being away from your bike for only a short time.

“Remember to always use a secondary lock, that is, in addition to the handlebar lock.

“Where possible, the secondary lock should be used to attach the motorcycle to a fixed object.”

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