BHS Finds Asbestos In Some Ceiling Tiles

February 23, 2021

Bermuda High School has “announced to staff and parents that ceiling tiles that have been in place for many decades in ten rooms in the Primary Department have been identified as containing 5-12% asbestos.”

A spokesperson said, “The discovery was made when preparing work for an air-conditioning upgrade. Work was immediately suspended and Dr. Kent Simmons, Asbestos Consultant, Bermuda Water Consultants Ltd. was called in for an inspection and testing. Suspect tiles were tested overseas for analysis.

“Further inspection identified the same tiles in ten Primary classrooms. Air quality samples were taken in the affected rooms, and all were returned as clear. A further inspection of the school has also taken place and no other areas of concern were identified. The school is working closely with the Department of Health and Dr. Simmons and is following all requirements and guidelines.

  • “BHS is in the process of hiring contractors to complete the abatement work beginning the first week of July when students and teachers are not using the classrooms. This will minimise the disruption during the school year and allow students to remain in school.
  • “The work to safely remove and replace the tiles will take approximately six weeks. Each classroom will take 2-4 days for preparation, abatement, repair and cleaning. The rooms will be prepared by removing anything that is mobile and, once the tiles are removed, will be deep cleaned before the new tiles are installed.
  • “Once the new tiles are in place, air quality samples will be taken again and sent overseas for analysis. The results will take 2-3 days and will be communicated to parents in writing.

“A virtual Town Hall is being held this evening for all Primary Parents to address questions and concerns. Dr. Kent Simmons, and Ms. Susan Hill Davidson, Senior Environmental Health Officer, will be in attendance along with Head of School, Linda Parker, Scott Mello, BHS Facilities Manager and Germano Botelho, BHS Trustee and Buildings and Grounds Chair. A further town hall will take place tomorrow evening for those unable to attend this evening.”

Head of School, Linda Parker, said in an email to parents, “We have been assured that as long as the tiles remain in place, there is no danger to the students and teachers in the affected rooms, and it is completely safe to wait until the School is closed for the Summer to undertake the abatement.

“We also understand the importance of maintaining a normal routine for the girls and providing as little disruption to the term. With this plan, we will be able to keep them safe and in school.”

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  1. Stefan says:

    I am glad to see that. A virtual Town Hall is being held this evening for all Primary Parents to address questions and concerns.