Updates: SSM Hearing At Privy Council In UK

February 4, 2021

[Updating] The hearing before the Privy Council in London on Bermuda’s same sex marriage law starts is underway, and it is being live streamed online and you can watch on the Privy Council website.

An OUTBermuda spokesperson previously said, “This week, leaders and attorneys for OUTBermuda will enter the final appeal in London for Bermuda’s historic marriage equality decision. The arguments will be heard before the United Kingdom’s Privy Council on Wednesday, February 3 and Thursday, February 4, 2021. Following the hearings, Bermudians should know the Council’s final decision within the next months. The forthcoming case is summarized here.

You can watch the live stream online here on the Privy Council website and we would suggest you do, it will be the best way to follow the proceedings, but we will provide some updates as able. We will not add any video/audio/screenshots here as the Privy Council website notes that the “re-use, capture, re-editing or redistribution of this footage in any form is not permitted” and “could attract liability” for defamation or “constitute a contempt of court” – so please head to the Privy Council website to watch direct.

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