Member Of Public Hands In Bullet To Police

February 22, 2021

An off duty police officer “was approached by a member of the public who handed him a live bullet” and the bullet will be “forensically processed.”

Bullet recovered

A police spokesperson said, “An off duty police officer reported that just after 2:40 p.m. on Sunday 21st February, 2021, he was approached by a member of the public who handed him a live bullet. It is believed that the bullet was found in the Harlem Heights area of Hamilton Parish.

“On duty officers recovered the bullet, which will be forensically processed.”

Suspicious Activity

In a separate statement the police said, “Around 9:55 p.m. on Saturday 20-Feb-2021, Police received information that two men wearing all black clothing, were repeatedly seen riding around the area of Harlem Heights Road in Hamilton Parish on a black motorcycle.

“A resident is said to have approached the individuals and enquired as to their presence in the area, when the rider reportedly moved his hand toward his waistband.

“The resident then ran off.

“Officers made checks of a number of locations in Hamilton Parish including Burchall’s Cove, Cottage Hill Road and Harlem Heights in search of the suspects but without success.”

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  1. Pampers says:

    time to get tough on these wannabe gangster losers, idolizing their sad rap heroes. make laws to criminalize gang membership or affiliation – punishable by mandatory 20 years min. posession or use of gun to threaten or harm others should be met with min of 30 years mandatory prison with hard labor and medical amputation of index fingers. Using gun to shoot someone etc should be harsher punishment. Stop pampering gangsters.