$398,422 In Grants To Nine Community Clubs

March 9, 2021 | 6 Comments

Premier David Burt presented grants to nine local community clubs, including three of Bermuda’s historic sailboat clubs, totaling $398,422, which “will assist with essential upgrades to their facilities and purchasing of new equipment.”

“The initiative is in keeping with the Government’s commitment to supporting the community efforts of local organisations, and supporting projects which get Bermudians back to work,” a spokesperson said.

Grants Given To 9 Local Community Clubs Bermuda March 2021 1

“The awarding of grants to three of Bermuda’s local sailboat clubs is also in line with the Government’s promise to assist them in their preparation for SailGP and to help them with vital upgrades to assist in their future operations.

“Joining Premier Burt for the cheque presentations were, the Minister of Youth, Culture, and Sports, Dr. the Hon. Ernest Peets, the Minister of Transport, the Hon. Lawrence Scott, JP, MP, Speaker of the House Dennis Lister, JP, MP, Lovitta Foggo JP, MP, Michael Weeks JP, MP, Kim Swan, JP, MP, and Anthony Richardson JP, MP.

Grants Given To 9 Local Community Clubs Bermuda March 2021 2

“Cheques were presented to the following sailboat clubs:

  • “Mid-Atlantic Boat Club was presented $50,000 to assist with capital upgrades to their building including repairs to their club roof, and storage room building.
  • “East End Mini Yacht Club was presented $50,000 to assist with renovations to their bathrooms, fire alarm system, and kitchen repairs.
  • “West End Sailboat Club was also presented $50,000 to assist renovations to their club building.

Grants Given To 9 Local Community Clubs Bermuda March 2021 3

“Cheques were also presented to the following community organisations:

  • “Flatts Victoria Recreation Club was presented $18,872 to assist with upgrades to their field and public bathrooms.
  • “Paget Lion’s Club was presented $23,550 to assist with purchasing new landscaping and maintenance equipment, as well as a new shed to store equipment.
  • “Somerset Cricket Club was presented $42,000 to assist with upgrades to upper-level flooring of their clubhouse.
  • “Devonshire Recreation Club was presented $64,000. This is in addition to $36,000 presented to them in September, which they used to begin roof and flooring repairs for their clubhouse. These additional funds will help them to complete this work.
  • “Harrington Workman’s Club was presented $50,000. This is in addition to the $50,000 they were presented in September, which they used to begin full renovations of their clubhouse.
  • “St. David’s Cricket Club was presented $50,000. This is in addition to the $50,000 they were awarded in December which they used to upgrade their outdated electrical infrastructure.”

Premier Burt said: “In the 2020/21 budget, funding for capital development was set aside for community clubs, to assist in the upgrade of their facilities. The Government encouraged clubs to apply and set out what they needed to continue doing essential work in their communities.”

The Premier continued: “We certainly recognise that this has been an incredibly challenging time for our island. Our community and sports clubs have also struggled against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Even with the adversities that this year has presented, these organisations managed to provide important services to their community. We believe it is important to extend our support where possible to these organisations and their programs. They play an invaluable part in the communities they serve, and these funds will allow them to continue that work.”

“We also recognise that many of our historically black sailing clubs have not had access to significant funding over the years. The Government is proud to keep its promise of assisting them with much-needed upgrades to their club buildings and other facilities which will allow them to engage in important sailing initiatives that benefit its members, and the community. If the Government can find money to provide sponsorship to SailGP, we can also find money to support our historically black sailing clubs.”

“Community clubs and organisations were invited last July, to apply for grants, and detail what they needed to continue doing the important work in their communities. We received quite a few applications that identified where support was required. These financial resources will support youth programs and assist clubs in upgrading their facilities while getting community members back to work.”

“Three of these organisations; St. David’s Cricket Club, Harrington’s Workman’s Club, and Devonshire Recreation Club previously received capital development grants last year. They have since provided sufficient evidence of those funds being used to undertake vital upgrades and repairs,” a spokesperson said.

Mark Steede, President of Devonshire Recreation Club said: “The committee of Management of Devonshire Recreation Club along with our members would like to thank the Government of Bermuda for their financial assistance from the Capital Projects Fund. These funds will do a great deed with helping us with the construction at the club. It will make our dream become a reality to re-opening our club in the not so distant future.”

Najee Musson, President of Harrington’s Workman’s Club said: “We at Harrington Workman’s Club, also known as Cleveland County are extremely grateful to the Government of Bermuda for a second grant of $50,000. As you can see when driving through Devil’s Hole, the work that we are undertaking at our club is vast. We are happy to be able to provide members of our community with jobs as we refurbish the meeting hub of our club and our neighborhood. This money brings a refreshed and upgraded facility closer to reality.”

Céblé Crockwell, President of St. David’s Cricket Club said: “St. David’s Cricket Club is extremely grateful for the opportunity afforded to us by this generous grant which allows us to not only make the much needed improvements to our club but also affords us the opportunity to provide a better, safer, all-inclusive gathering spot for our members, community, and welcomed visitors. This grant comes at a time when everyone is struggling and St. David’s County Cricket Club is grateful beyond measure for this gift; we thank the Bermuda Government, the Premier and Minister of Finance for their generous consideration of the islands clubs.”

The Government said, “Capital development grants along with grants from the Confiscated Assets Fund to support youth programs were awarded following a Chat and Chew event held last July. Community clubs were invited to discuss and identify areas of need. The Premier held the first cheque presentation in September, to eight local community organisations. The second presentation was held in December, where six [6] local community clubs were presented with cheques.

“A total of $714,922 for capital development assistance has been awarded to date. A total of $68,700 made available from the Confiscated Asset Fund has been awarded thus far to support youth programs.”

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  1. Piggy Bank says:

    What happened to clubs raising their own money for renovations, programmes, sponsorship, etc? $50,000 is really not that hard to raise in Bermuda, but I suppose buying a seat on the throne is more important. Outrageous management of Bermuda’s debt.

    • mixitup says:

      “Outrageous Management of BDA’s Debt?”

      I bet you have no clue about these community clubs, let alone stepped foot in one. These clubs are a cornerstone of each community they reside in, if we can give invest 10′s of Millions in Americas Cup, surely $400,000 investment in these very important cornerstones of communities across this country would not be asking for too much…With the expectation that they offer programs (Football/Cricket etc.)to mould OUR youth and bring OUR communities together..(Many in this community cannot afford access to the squash club nor the Sailing Club) The alternative to this is to pay Millions in rehabilitation, incarceration, with anti-social behaviour, gang violence etc….Then again, it’s obvious that you live in some sort of “privileged” bubble.

      Also note that due to Covid restrictions, many of these clubs have been unable to host many cash generating events.

      Please make an effort to connect with communities/clubs around this country before you make yourself look silly on-line, amongst other things.

      • Piggy Bank says:

        Missing the point, yet again, so sad.

      • LOL (original) says:

        Guest you haven’t been to these clubs either as guy’s just use them to drink and smoke in at least 2 listed. Hardly molding “Our Youth” your words for greatness.

        LOL whatever rather see this money go to kids trying to get to ivy league universities or colleges or at least educational things in foundational things like math, science, business courses.

      • truthertz says:

        Nah. Just buying votes with taxpayer monies. Easy to give away other people’s stuff.

      • saud says:

        Ever notice how the most ignorant make the most noise?

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