Parliament: Audio Replay & Order Of Business

March 5, 2021 | 0 Comments

[Updated with audio] The House of Assembly will be in session on Friday [March 5] and statements scheduled to be delivered include the Abolition of the Department of Human Resources, the Economic Recovery Plan Implementation, Reporting Progress on the Elimination of Single-Use Plastics, Progress Report on the Covid-19 Vaccine for Bermuda, Update on the Stimulus Programme, Human Rights Commission Annual Report 2019, and the Tabling of a Bill entitled ‘Education Amendment Act 2021.

In addition, Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister of Finance Cole Simons is scheduled to deliver the Reply to the Budget, and a number of Parliamentary Questions are scheduled on topics including on Covid-19 related contracts undertaken by the Government, matters surrounding the 34 people who received their second Covid-19 vaccination too early treatment plans actively conducted on incarcerated sex offenders and more.

Update: We apologize for the late start, however it was unavoidable as the original online audio fee started late, however we are live now, and today we are trying out a few upgrades to our restream, with a plan to try and show the MP’s face as they speak.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded, and the audio of the part of the afternoon session is below:

Update: The live broadcast has concluded, and the 90 minute audio of the morning session is below:

The Order of Business is below [PDF here]:

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