PrivCom Becomes Member Of ID2020 Alliance

March 25, 2021

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda has joined as the newest member of the ID2020 Alliance to promote privacy in digital identity solutions.

A spokesperson said, “The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda has joined as the newest member of the ID2020 Alliance. Commissioner White will also serve on ID2020’s Ethics and Risk Advisory Committee.

“ID2020 is a public-private partnership that brings together nonprofits, corporations, and governments to promote the adoption and ethical implementation of user-managed, privacy-protecting, and portable digital identity solutions. Their most recent work includes development of the Good Health Pass Collaborative, an effort to create the blueprint for interoperable digital health pass systems to restore international travel and restart the global economy.

”As a public sector partner, PrivCom staff will participate in working groups to guide the development of privacy-protective standards for cutting-edge uses of personal information. The office’s involvement does not include a financial commitment of public funds.

Commissioner White said about the decision to engage with ID2020: “Digital identity solutions, if designed the right way, have the potential to place individuals in even greater control over how their personal information is used. Such ethical, privacy-protective, and interoperable approaches will help build a more inclusive world and enable safer online experiences. ID2020 has long advocated for user control over personal data – a core belief that we share. Bermudians will benefit from the development of digital identity solutions and standards that promote privacy protections, and we look forward to collaborating with the ID2020 team to achieve our shared objectives.”

ID2020’s Head of Public Sector Partnerships, Meredith Kravitz, added: “Over the past several years, Bermuda has positioned itself as a leader in the fintech space, harnessing digital technology for the benefit of its citizens and the development of its economy. In establishing the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda, the government recognized that data protection, inclusion, and user-centricity are critical to the full realization of these benefits. We are delighted to welcome the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda to the Alliance and Commissioner White to his new role as a member of the ID2020 Ethics and Risk Advisory Committee.”

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