Another Term, Another Period Of Remote Learning

April 22, 2021

[Written by Warwick Academy students Xavier Ramsey & Kirsty Pollett]

We know what you are all thinking. Another term, another period of remote learning. This term, however, can be distinguished by the succession of a new set of student leaders at Warwick Academy. As the Year 13’s focus on preparing for their IB exams, we are here to fill their roles and prepare for our tenure as your student leaders for the 2021/22 school year. We all have drive, initiative, and ideas for change and improvement in the school and we are looking forward to working with each one of you students, parents, staff, and alumni to help manage and improve this already great learning environment at Warwick Academy.

Xavier Ramsey & Kristy Pollett Bermuda April 2021

Just like last year, the first week of our tenure is online, and it doesn’t seem like we’ll be back in school for a while. Do not be discouraged though. “Behind every setback, there is an opportunity.” The first few weeks of remote learning last year were, we’re sure, difficult for everyone, but now, some of us are able to admit that we don’t mind staying at home. The much-improved organisation and planning of online learning have made it much more manageable, and the experience of remote learning from the last school year and former periods of this school year has helped us become much more accommodated with the overall system. However, we know that the school days are never able to quite match the immersive environment of a classroom. In spite of all this, we as student leaders are going to do our best to adhere to your needs and concerns in order to provide your children with the best education to help them succeed.

Even in less than ideal conditions, we can all still strive to make this a productive third term and go out with a bang. Many students have already shown how they are using their free time to stay active and healthy, like Zack Moniz who is continuing to ride his bike around his house. If you are indoors, there are a large amount of skills and activities that you can take the time to learn or master. I have personally used my free time to learn how to solve a rubik’s cube. You can also make the effort to talk with friends and family over online platforms such as Zoom or Whatsapp. It might not be the same as seeing each other face to face, but it is still a great way to connect with others while abiding by the ‘Stay at home’ measures.

Do not lose hope though, as the end is up ahead. In the meantime, use hashtags from previous school years, such as #flexibility and #resilience, to encourage yourself and your family to keep moving forward. Support one and other and we will be back in school and with each other before you know it!

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