BPSU: Recognition Of International Workers Day

May 1, 2021 | 1 Comment

“In the spirit of all that International Workers’ Day represents, the Bermuda Public Services Union [BPSU] would like to give recognition and thanks to Bermuda’s workers,” Bermuda Public Services Union [BPSU] President Armell Thomas said.

Mr Thomas said, “May 1st is recognised around the world as “May Day” or “International Workers’ Day”. Established in 1889, the purpose of this day is to commemorate both the struggles and the gains made by the labour movement. In addition, it also serves as an opportunity for communities to celebrate the immeasurable contributions made by workers.

“In the spirit of all that International Workers’ Day represents, the Bermuda Public Services Union [BPSU] would like to give recognition and thanks to Bermuda’s workers. Many of Bermuda’s workers continue their work on the Covid-19 frontline – often putting their own health at risk – to provide critical healthcare and other essential services in order to keep our Island and its economy running. Others fulfill their employment responsibilities by working from home. Through the ongoing dedication, resilience, resourcefulness, and strength of Bermuda’s workforce, we will overcome the many challenges that lay ahead.

“To all workers, we honour and celebrate you.

“As communities across the globe continue to struggle with the devasting health and long-term socio-economic impact of the pandemic, International Workers’ Day brings a renewed urgency around protecting both workers and their hard-fought rights and benefits.

“The BPSU is proud of the significant strides Bermuda has made on the labour front throughout the years. With the recent reform of our country’s labour legislation – the Employment Amendment Act 2020 and the Trade Union and Labour Relations [Consolidation] Act 2020 – Bermuda’s workers have gained protections that are the envy of many around the world. These protections came as a result of extensive consultation and collaboration between Bermuda’s Unions, Employers and Government, and symbolizes what can be accomplished when we work together for the benefit of the people.

“While applauding the advances made in Bermuda’s labour legislation, the BPSU also recognises that there continues to be many longstanding issues that need to be addressed. The pandemic has magnified the inequities within our community, and has revealed how the health, economic and social risks associated with the pandemic are disproportionately distributed amongst residents.

“To help overcome some of these historic and long-standing disparities, the BPSU calls on the community to support healthcare reform as well as the implementation of unemployment insurance and a living wage. In addition, there are obvious gaps in our country’s social safety net. To address these gaps, Bermuda’s social protection system must be reviewed, revamped, and properly resourced. No longer can it be acceptable that so many within our community continue to struggle for equal access to protection and a decent standard of living.

“The BPSU acknowledges that these are significant battles that can only be won if we work together. To this end, the BPSU renews its commitment to continue to collaborate with our membership and Bermuda’s key stakeholders in its ongoing quest to move our country “Onward & Upward Together”.

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Private sector taxpayers, you know the ones who have part time or no jobs, call on the overpaid and bloated civil service, of which the BPSU is a large part, to redistribute their full paid for doing nothing salaries to help out the needy. Reduce the civil service and privatize. Anyone seen any improvement in the long grass, potholes, missing safety barriers, dilapidated and unpainted bus shelters, roadside trash? Is there a Minister of Works these days? Start with his pay package.

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