Masterworks: “Dive In: The Art Of The Wreck”

July 27, 2021

Masterworks Museum is getting set to highlight late diver, explorer, and artist Teddy Tucker in ‘Dive In: The Art of the Wreck’ from August 6 to August 31.

A spokesperson said, “For the month of August, the Rick Faries Gallery at Masterworks Museum will be dedicated to highlighting late diver, explorer, and artist Teddy Tucker in ‘Dive In: The Art of the Wreck’ exhibiting August 6 to August 31.

“This unique exhibition showcases never before seen paintings of the shipwrecks Tucker discovered around Bermuda. Created in the later years of his life, Tucker’s paintings not only demonstrate his artistic talent, but also his sincere interest in understanding the historic ships that wrecked around Bermuda’s shores.

“He continued his research on these ships and the lives on them for many years, and his artwork reflects his dedication to better understand an important aspect of Bermuda’s heritage.”

Dive In The Art of the Wreck Bermuda July 2021

Speaking to the importance of her father’s work, Mr. Tucker’s daughter Wendy said, “My father, Teddy Tucker, grew up in and on the ocean and started sailing at a young age. His grandfather, father and uncles built their own Bermuda fitted dinghies and raced them often.

“When he started diving on shipwrecks, his knowledge of sailing and boat construction was an asset. Coming from a family of artists and his father, a marine architect, it was natural for him to paint the ships he had discovered. My mother, Edna, and I felt Bermuda’s marine heritage, which played a very important part in all our lives and still does, should be shared and appreciated.

“A donation to Masterworks and the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute will be made from the proceeds of the sale of these paintings.”

Masterworks Executive Director Risa Hunter said, “Masterworks is pleased to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase the artwork of legendary marine explorer Teddy Tucker.

“A Bermudian diver and explorer, Tucker has been recognized for his dedication to the discovery of over 100 shipwrecks surrounding Bermuda. But the lesser-known story being illuminated in this exhibition is that he was also exceptionally creative. Merging his love for underwater exploration and art, Tucker, through his research and sincere interest, reconstructed the ships that he discovered on Bermuda’s reefs.

“This special exhibition at Masterworks intricately ties his artistic talent to our Atlantic marine heritage, giving the public an opportunity to draw connections to our Bermuda history through visual storytelling.”

“Teddy Tucker, historian, lecturer, and artist, discovered more than one hundred shipwrecks around Bermuda, including the treasure ship San Pedro, containing the famous gold and emerald Tucker Cross.

“Visit to learn more.

“Don’t miss this special showing, exhibiting August 6th to 31st at the Rick Faries Gallery in the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art.”

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