Bible Study Magazine Features Glenn Bascome

September 4, 2021

Dr Glenn Bascome of Allen Temple AME Church in Somerset has been named the “2021 Unsung Bible Study Hero of the Year” by the U.S. based Bible Study Magazine, and is featured on the cover of the magazine.

Allen Temple Bermuda Sept 2021

“Believing in a call to outdo one another in showing honor, as Romans 12:10 states, the Unsung Bible Study Hero of the Year award is awarded annually by Bible Study Magazine to a faithful Bible student who is an influence on fellow students of Scripture,” a spokesperson said.

“There is nothing more important than diving into God’s word and having an impact to spread the Good News of His Kingdom,” said Mark Ward, editor of Bible Study Magazine.

“Glenn Bascome has shown his commitment to not only studying Scriptures to know God more but also sharing what he has learned with others through Bible studies and discipleship. We are delighted to award Glenn this year’s honor.”

“While attending university in Bermuda, Bascome became a student of the Bible and joined a study where a young member of the Navigators guided him. He has led Bible Studies for decades and influenced countless young men through the years. Today, at least six of the men he discipled have become pastors in Bermuda,” a spokesperson added.

Bible Study Magazine Features Glenn Bascome  (1)

“The Unsung Bible Study Hero award is nominated by Bible Study Magazine readers as they are invited to submit inspiring stories of individuals they encounter, like Bascome who is known for his careful and rigorous checking of cross-references – a key step in diligent study.”

“All believers have God’s word and God’s Spirit that provides confidence to pray, study and apply His truth into our daily lives,” said Dr Bascome. “Just as he speaks to people who write the daily devotionals, God can speak to you in the same way.”

“To learn more about Bible Study Magazine visit here.”

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  1. Congratulations Mr. Bascome a reward that is well deserved, Mr. Bascome was one of my high school teachers and Mentor’s. it was Mr. Bascome who taught me the life story of World Renown Minister Niki Cruz, a former gang member of The Mow Mow’s, and as a teenager I was intrigue by the teaching of Mr. Niki Cruz Gang life and his conversion to Christianity.

    It was Mr. Glenn Bascome who used Niki Cruz life story to reach wayward young men like myself, little did he know that I would pend a life time trying to meet the man who he taught me about and thanks to David Wilkerson of The Time Square Church in New York City, that dream became a reality and that is why Mr. Bascome I can gladly say that I grateful that you are alive to see the fruit of your labor, in the lives that you have impacted such as mine.

    Well done, now if I can only get the chance to slap you upside your head, the amount of times you slapped me upside mine, maybe we can call it even, Love you Sir with much Gratitude.