The 41st Wink Offers Advice For Better Sleep

October 5, 2021

The 41st Wink is offering resources “to help local residents, from newborns to older adults, address their sleep challenges.”

A spokesperson said, “Our physical, mental and emotional health is directly affected by the quality of our sleep. General fatigue, heightened stress, distractedness and an inability to concentrate are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the impact sleep deprivation has on our lives.

“According to Dorothy Bradshaw, sleep specialist and founder of The 41st Wink, ‘quality sleep is even more important during the current Covid pandemic and is critical to our immune health.’

“The 41st Wink has successfully helped scores of local residents, from newborns to older adults, address their sleep challenges.

“With a revamp of their website, The 41st Wink has made available free sleep self assessment tools as well as access to a library of other easy to use resources.

“The sleep library includes ebooks, links to medical studies and other relevant information for various patient populations. Topics include common sleep disorders, sleep and aging, sleep and cancer, sleep and cardiovascular health, sleep and cognitive health, sleep and diabetes, sleep and the immune system, sleep and mental health, sleep and menopause, sleep and obesity, sleep and pregnancy, sleep and sex, and sleep and the workplace.

“A few notable sleep facts shared by The 41st Wink include that:

  • “Over 100 unique sleep disorders have been identified by sleep scientists.
  • “Insomnia, a common sleep disorder, affects 30% to 48% of older people, up to 24% of teenagers and more than 50% of pregnant women.
  • “As many as 15% of cases of Alzheimer’s dementia are attributable to poor sleep.
  • “There is a strong bi-directional relationship between mental health and sleep.

“We believe sleep challenges can often be resolved by looking at them holistically. Our goal is to find the root cause and provide tools to achieve better sleep naturally. We take a science-based approach, looking at a broad range of factors including physiology, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep environment, underlying conditions, emotional and mental stressors, and more.

“Where appropriate, we also incorporate the use of sleep monitoring technology to measure and track physiological data.

“For more information, visit or email”

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