Fixed Penalty Ticket System To Start This Month

October 4, 2021

The fixed penalty ticketing system will start this month, with the Government saying it is “an efficient way to enforce critical public health compliance.”

A spokesperson said, “The public will recall that the Government passed fixed penalty legislation in March, and this month [October] the new fixed penalty ticketing system officially comes online.

“The new ticketing system will be jointly overseen by the Bermuda Police Service [BPS] and the Ministry of Health.

“The public should note that a Police Officer or a Public Health Compliance Officer can enforce the Covid-19 regulations by exacting fixed penalty tickets to any individual, business or organisation in contravention guidelines.”

Today the Minister of National Security, Renee Ming said, “First and foremost I would like to offer my deepest and sincerest condolences to each member of our community who has lost a family member, loved one or friend to the devastating effects of the coronavirus. We all must continue to do what we can to mitigate and limit the spread of the virus by complying with the policies in place.

“The fixed penalty ticketing system is an efficient way to enforce critical public health compliance. Exempted large group events can expect to be visited as will licensed premises. Enforcement Officers will use this method to ensure compliance. Following all public health measures helps keep us all safe, gives the hospital the opportunity to provide the necessary care and ensures that we can safely live with the coronavirus.”

“The fixed penalty tickets are almost identical to the standard traffic ticket and filled out in the same way. A person will be invited to sign the ticket and will then be given the summons portion, which contains information on where to pay the $500 fixed penalty at the Hamilton Magistrates’ Court.

“A sample of the ticket is available here.

“It should be noted that former Police Chief Inspector Mr. Calvin Smith, who is now the Covid Compliance Officer with the Ministry of Health has been sworn-in as a Special Constable to assist with issuing the new tickets.

Chief Inspector Alex Rollins added, “The Bermuda Police Service will be issuing fixed penalty tickets for curfew and other offences which are contrary to Quarantine Amendment Order 2021, Public Health Penalties Regulations 2021, as well as Public Health Phased Re-opening Regulations 2021.

“If the penalty is not paid within 28 days, persons will be liable to prosecution for the offence. All police officers as well as reserve officers, will be in possession of these tickets when on patrol. We continue with our Covid compliance teams that are out nightly, before and during the curfew hours.

“The BPS still strongly encourages those making their way home for the 12:30am curfew to give yourselves plenty of time for the journey. Do not leave it to the last minute then find yourselves racing to make it in time.”

Minister Ming concluded, “I’m urging residents to please make the right and responsible decisions to protect you, your family, your friends and your loved ones.

“Please continue to follow the health guidelines – this includes wearing a mask, hand sanitizing and maintaining the appropriate physical distancing; and if you haven’t done so already, speak to your doctor regarding the Covid-19 vaccine.

“And if you are in attendance at any establishment or location around the island and see any breaches of the Covid-19 regulations by persons or businesses – please do not hesitate to call 211 to report the violations.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    “The fixed penalty ticketing system will start this month, with the Government saying it is “an efficient way to enforce critical public health compliance.””

    You think tickets will deal with “critical public health compliance”?

    Clearly our PLP Government Ministers do not pay attention to what happens on our roads.

    There are fixed penalties for failing to stop at a stop sign and failing to heed traffic signals. A bike stopping at a stop sign is a rarity and obeying traffic signals is optional these days.

    The message I see the PLP Government giving is that obeying the helath regulations is now optional.

    • jon says:

      well I can attest to the roads being empty during the curfew hours, so clearly the effect from the previous curfew violators put before the courts and given heavy fines is being felt.

  2. Sandgrownan says:

    How about fixed penalty, on the spot fines, for traffic offenses. Stop clogging up the courts

  3. Red Pill says:

    How much more Orwellian are they gonna get?

  4. Kitchen sink says:

    Minister of health quote, Um Um what’s a JetSki. That being said What would you expect from someone who lives on a island and does not know what a jetSki is. How are these spaces cadets in charge. Blanks!!