Three Suspects Attempt To Rob Elderly Woman

November 16, 2021 | 10 Comments

[Updated] Neighbours came to the assistance of an elderly woman in St George’s after three male suspects forced their way inside her residence and attempted to rob her.

Police crime Bermuda statement Nov 16 2021

A police spokesperson said, “Shortly after 9:00 p.m. on Monday 15th November, 2021, police responded to reports of a disturbance at a residence on Queen Street in St. George.

“Upon arrival officers were informed an elderly female, who was home alone, was confronted by three males dressed in black and wearing facemasks.

“The suspects reportedly forced their way inside the premises and demanded cash and valuables.

“Upon hearing the commotion, neighbours came to the assistance of the elderly female.

“The suspects escaped east along nearby Chapel Lane. It is believed they left the area in a waiting car.

“Two of the suspects, one of whom wore white gloves, are described as slim built and approximately 6’ tall. The third suspect was said to be medium built and approximately 5’ 5” tall.

“The elderly victim was transported via ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital after she complained of pain to her upper body.

“The suspects fled the scene empty handed.

“An investigation into this matter has now commenced and anyone with information is asked to call Detective Chief Inspector, Sherwin Joseph, on 295-0011 or 211. You may also call 800-8477 the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers number.”

Update 11.32am: The Minister of National Security, Renee Ming joins the community in expressing her “shock and outrage” following last night’s home invasion of one of Bermuda’s seniors.

Minister Ming said, “As this investigation gets underway, I am urging anyone living in the area, who may know anything about this incident, to please contact the Bermuda Police Service. This was an outrageous act committed against one of the vulnerable members of our population and we must see those responsible brought to justice. Our focus at this time is on the family and friends of the victim.”

“The public can either call 295-0011, 211, or the confidential Crime Stoppers number at 1-800-8477.”

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    this truly needs to be sorted

  2. Question says:

    String them up.

  3. Pondering says:

    It is absolutely disgusting that there is no police presence in St Georges. A tiny office on the waterside that seems rarely manned doesn’t cover it. It is a residential town with a new hotel and many yachts in the harbour that deserves the old way of police walking the beat. Ask any local where the suspect areas are. In fact, they are so obvious Ray Charles could tell you. The recent police press statement said that there is now known gang activity that has extended to St Georges, welll, hello! The old police station is being restored. Let’s reconsider and put some real policemen back in it.

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Neighbours came to the assistance of an elderly woman in St George’s after three male suspects forced their way inside her residence and attempted to rob her.”


  5. The First says:

    Sorry, but this is a copycat of what occurred in Smiths Parish in October. Fortunately, the woman in St.Georges, unlike the first, remained unharmed. Both incidents smack of gang manipulation with dress code and method. These are dangerous criminals capable of unimaginable harm by cultivating total disregard for human life. Is it going to take another murder before stricter laws are enforced to put such culprits in prison for life? Dear People, we are in a crisis mode. Every woman, every senior living on their own is an object for exploitation and fatal harm. Do not let this underworld contamination ruin our island, our reputation.

  6. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    I need fresh bait,give them to me when caught.

  7. Bullets says:

    enough is enough, when caught they need not be ever heard from agin. Absolute scum of the earth. They know the gangs, their locations and members, time for a purge. if not a gang related activity it is probably drug fueled so get them as well

  8. justice will be served says:

    one day the little wannabes will break into the wrong place and get what they deserve20 fold

  9. hot pepper says:

    send this rubbish to prison in cuba, probably much cheaper,

  10. get it right says:

    Put them in the St Georges stocks at the town square like the good ol days, and let the public deal with them while they are bound. little punks trying to be what they hear in rap music. ban rap music.

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