Airport Finger Facility Starts Producing Energy

December 16, 2021 | 5 Comments

[Updated] Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban will be holding a press conference this afternoon [Dec 16] regarding the airport finger solar panel project, and we will stream it live, so the video below should start at around 1.00pm.

Update 1.08pm: We will update with the Minister’s statement as able, and in the meantime a statement from Saturn said, “Bermuda’s first Utility Scale Solar power facility, located on “The Finger” at the L.F. Wade International Airport in St. George’s, has begun producing energy to Bermuda’s energy grid, marking a historic occasion for the island nation.

“The project, developed and constructed by Saturn Power Inc., a Canadian renewable energy developer, through its affiliate, Saturn Solar Bermuda 1 Ltd, represents 6 MW of renewable energy production on the island, ensuring that Bermuda and its residents will have access to clean, sustainable power for the foreseeable future.


“Development on this project began in 2018 with construction and permitting work beginning in late 2019. With a series of delays, due mostly to the Global Covid 19 pandemic, construction work on the project was concluded in late 2021 with commissioning and final grid preparations occurring over the past number of weeks. The energy produced from this inaugural project will help Bermuda to achieve its sustainable energy goals.

“Given the timeline for construction, the facility has already experienced two separate hurricane events on the island, withstanding all associated elements of each respective storm, without any significant damage to the equipment on site.”

“Bringing this project to commercial operation has involved a tremendous amount of time, effort and perseverance from all those involved, including the Saturn team, the Bermuda Government and the local utility, BELCO,” said Doug Wagner, Chief Executive Officer for Saturn Power.

“After a long journey, we are tremendously proud of the hard work and collaboration that has resulted in this first of its kind project on the island and we look forward to ensuring that the people of Bermuda enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy for decades to come.”

Bermuda Utility Scale Solar Facility Dec 2021 (2)

“The Government and the people of Bermuda congratulate Saturn Power and the many Bermudians involved for bringing this project to fruition” the statement quoted Minister Walter Roban as saying.

“At maximum solar production, this facility will provide up to 13% of the Islands energy needs to meet peak demand and is a testament to the work by this Government over the last decade to advance the country’s transition toward greater use of renewable energy.”

The company added, “Saturn Power Inc., founded in 2007 and based in Baden, Ontario, Canada, has over 700 MW of renewable energy generation and storage in development, built or operating, including solar, battery storage and wind power projects in Ontario, Western Canada, Bermuda, the United States, and Turkey. The company also has expertise in project financing, engineering, procurement, and construction [EPC] as well as the operation and maintenance of existing renewable assets.”

Update 4.09pm: Minister Roban’s remarks:

Good day to members of the media and the listening public. Thank you for your attendance and for watching this Press Conference.

Many will know that the Bermuda Government, led by the Ministry of Home Affairs, continues to encourage the adoption of solar technologies and energy efficiency.

The announcement today by Saturn Power Inc. that Bermuda’s first Utility-Scale Solar power facility has officially begun producing energy is exciting news.

Following an intense, transparent, and inclusive selection process, in June 2018, Saturn Solar Bermuda 1 Ltd. was awarded the contract to build a 6-megawatt Solar Photovoltaic Plant. And now, almost three and a half years later, Bermuda has reached the historic milestone of having its first utility-scale solar power facility on “The Finger”, located at the L.F. Wade International Airport.

The Government and the people of Bermuda congratulate Saturn Solar Bermuda 1 Ltd. and the many Bermudians involved for bringing this project to fruition.

I must also commend Liberty Group Ltd. [BELCO] for its role in facilitating the adoption of additional renewable energy as part of Bermuda’s electricity generation. Recently, Liberty publicly reiterated its commitment to renewable energy and sustainability. I am sure we all agree this is good news. We are one step further to achieving Bermuda’s goal of having a clean, safe, affordable renewable energy future.”

At maximum solar production, the facility will provide up to 13% of the Islands energy needs to meet peak demand and is a testament to the work by the Government, dating back to 2008, to advance the country’s transition toward greater use of renewable energy. Bermuda’s sustainability and renewable energy strategy continue to make us a regional leader in this space.

In cooperation with the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda, This Government will continue laying the groundwork for additional investment in Bermuda to facilitate innovation and renewable energy technology developers testing their products in Bermuda.

To that end, and in line with Bermuda’s Economic Recovery Plan, the energy regulatory sandbox being created will encourage new renewable energy technology developers to test their products on the island, giving Bermudians access to new technology. We are also working to partner with local and international companies to set up a Green Energy Fund to provide capital to deploy solar installations through the island. The purpose here is to expand access for those residents who can least afford the upfront investment in renewables.

New regulations will also address the fuel surcharge cost for electricity and better regulate the storage and distribution of fuel. Ultimately, these initiatives will reduce the cost of electricity for Bermuda’s residents and businesses.

Thank you.

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  1. unknown800k says:

    Will we have a press conference on the harbor road wall, redo, the 1.2 millions ordered by puppet burt to pay doc, and the mysterious 800k

  2. sandgrownan says:

    No, you dimwit, it’s not “producing” energy. It’s converting light into electricity via photovoltaic cells.

  3. Marine Life says:

    Great! Now let’s get the busses back on the road. That’s what the every day Joe cares about who is barely making it financially! He may not have a car or bike. Taxi way out of his league. These solar Panels, will they save us on our utility Bills? I would be very lucky to believe they would. NOTHING brings down Bermuda’s high sorry prices.
    Healthcare, Power, Groceries, Sugar Tax, TCD and many other things demonstrating Continuously that this is not a people’s Government.

  4. Birdlegs says:

    What rate will Belco be buying this power at? I’ll bet it isn’t the 22 cents per kwh they pay residential producers. Also willing to bet we will never be told.

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